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Young Kevin beats Young Randall at a video game and wrestles him to the ground. Rebecca tells him to cut it out. Jack comes home with a black eye that he got from boxing. Rebecca is upset to hear he's sparring with other people and makes him promise he only uses a punching bag from now on. 

Randall asks Jack to teach him to box because he's being bullied by a new kid at school named Dylan. He promises he won't defend himself unless he has to, but he just wants to know he can. Rebecca walks in on Jack's first lesson with Randall. 

She gets mad at Jack for teaching Randall to be violent. She calls the school principal and learns there is no Dylan. Jack asks if he can talk to Randall alone. He also explains to Rebecca that boxing helps him with the ugliness of his past. 

Randall tells Jack the reason he lied about there being a Dylan was that he wanted to learn how to box and be more like Jack. Unlike Kevin, Randall isn't tough like Jack. He doesn't feel like he's Jack's son as much as Kevin is. Jack tells Randall that is far from true and that he doesn't need to box or know how to fight because he is so smart and that's his secret weapon. 

Rebecca gives Jack headgear as her way of showing she supports him and his need to box. He shares a story about him and his brother boxing together. Rebecca jokingly asks Jack to teach her to box as the two share a romantic moment. 

Present Timeline: 

Kate calls her entire family and Madison to tell them that she is pregnant. She also tells them that Toby is depressed. She goes to the dog park with Audio and while on the phone with her mom, asking for advice about Toby, Audio eats a rock. 

When she gets home and tells Toby about what happened he gets mad. She immediately apologizes and leaves to call the vet. Toby feels bad for making her feel bad. 

Kate calls Rebecca again for advice about Audio. Rebecca reminds her that although she loves giving Kate advice, sometimes Kate's just going to have to make a choice on her own and hope for the best. 

After getting a text from Kate, Toby decides to wash up. When Kate sees that he got dressed she gets excited, but Toby laments that he doesn't feel any better. He's worried that she's going to leave him and wishes she didn't have to take care of him. Audio is ready to go out and Kate asks Toby to come on a walk with them. He says no, but she insists. 

During their trip to the dog park, Kate assures Toby that she's strong and she isn't going anywhere. Audio ends up pooping which means he's getting better. Toby thanks her for being there for him. 

Randall is getting ready to go to the church in Philadelphia for the campaign. Tess and Annie say that they are way behind in cookie sales now that Beth isn't at her office. Beth promises that she'll take them to a nearby store so they can sell them. 

Kevin is looking at the photo of the Vietnamese girl and Jack. Zoe finishes her documentary and a tradition of hers to celebrate is her spending time alone at a hotel and getting pampered. She pleads with Kevin to stop obsessing about that photo. 

At church, Councilman Solomon gives a shoutout to Randall and teases him a little. Beth takes her kids to a store to set up but there are already girls selling cookies there. 

Kevin calls Randall and asks to meet up, Randall arranges for it to be outside the Twelfth District so he doesn't lose street cred. They meet at a Korean restaurant where Kevin is being fawned over. He shows Randall the photo, but he doesn't have the same reaction that Kevin had. 

Kevin tells Randall that the reason he's being fawned over is because "The Manny" is the most popular show in Korea. Randall comes to the realization that he needs to attract the Korean voters in his district. He asks Kevin for help.  

The place that Beth takes the girls to sell cookies at is empty, and when one customer approaches, Beth realizes she forgot the credit card swiper, thus losing the only customer they get. Tess and Annie continuously complain and say how their friends' mom is better, which leads Beth to snap and yell at them. 

Deja talks to Beth about how hard it was for her mom when she lost a job. She reminds Beth about how much Randall loves her and tells her she needs to talk to him about how she's feeling. Tess and Annie come to the room and apologize for being brats. Beth apologizes for yelling. 

Randall and Kevin are at Korea town, trying to get them to vote. A young Korean man confronts Randall and calls him out for not actually caring about his neighborhood. Randall gives a speech showing that he may not have cared before but he does now. He wins a number of people over. 

Afterward, at his office, Kevin tells Randall he wants to be more like him right now. He needs to go for it and search for answers about Jack and Vietnam. Randall wishes him well in his quest. 

Randall is visited by the same Korean man from before. He tells Randall for the first time in 75 years, his grandmother registered to vote because she believed in what Randall was saying. He asks Randall if he needs a campaign manager, which Randall happily agrees to after asking for his name, John. 

Randall visits Councilman Solomon and uses advice Jack gave him when he was a kid. He plasters a big smile despite being hurt by the councilman and lets him know he's going to get Korea Town on his side. 

Kevin visits Zoe at the hotel she asked him not to go to. He gives her a bag which contains a Visa application for a trip to Vietnam. He asks her if she wants to go with him. She agrees to go. 

Randall comes home and finally sees that Beth is in pain. When he asks what's wrong she tells him she's been pretending to be fine about being fired, but she isn't fine, she's devastated. 

Randall asks her to join his campaign because he needs a great team and Beth is the best teammate he's ever had. She decides to take him up on his offer. 

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This Is Us Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Ever since I was a little girl, I needed to be taken care of. First, when I was a little chubby kid I needed to be coddled. And then as a teenager, whose dad died, I needed to be comforted all the time. I'm 38-years-old and I still call my mom for advice when I'm going through a rough spot. And you, you've talked me off of more emotional ledges then I can count. But the truth is I'm strong. And the things that I have been through have made me tough as hell. So if you think that this is going to scare me away, you got another thing coming. I'm going to get you through this Tobe, and if you fall back again, I'm going to be right here and pick you back up. In sickness and health, for better or worse, I'm talking forever.


You in a nightgown with boxing gloves on is a fantasy I didn't even know I was missing.