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Jack has two weeks to try to get to Nikky but it isn't working and his time is almost up. Jack confronts Nikky about his drug addiction, but Nikky won't hear any of it. The two get into a shoving match and Jack lets Nikky hit him to see if that makes him feel better. 

Jack tells him he only has 48 hours left with Nikky. Nikky agrees to go with Jack to wherever he wanted to take him. Jack takes him to a nearby lake. He assures Nikky that the war is just going to be a distant memory as long as he focuses on the mission: to get home. 

Nikky wakes up in the middle of the night after a nightmare and proceeds to steal drugs from a fellow soldier. The next morning, Jack sees Nikky and can tell that he is high. Jack promises to get him clean again, but Nikky shrugs him off and tells him he's not going to complete the mission. 

Jack and his crew return from a mission. He doesn't see Nikky anywhere. All of a sudden, he hears a big explosion. Jack asks a fellow soldier what happened. He tells a frantic Jack that a boat exploded and one of his guys are on it. Jack jumps into the water to try and rescue whoever it may be. 


Kevin is eager to go to the village Jack served at, but has been delayed due to weather conditions. Zoe tries to ease his nerves and reminds him he might not get the ending he's hoping for. 

The man who owns the hostel Kevin and Zoe are staying at agrees to take them out to the village as long as he gets a shirtless selfie from Kevin for his sister. 

They arrive at the Ville and Kevin asks about the woman in the photograph. The man from the hostel leads him to a local historian who was a child during the Vietnam War.  They arrive at the man's hut.  

Kevin shows the historian the photo of Jack and the woman. The man tells him he was VC, which means he and Jack fought each other. Kevin asks if he recognizes either Jack or the woman but he doesn't know either of them. 

The historian recognizes Kevin from television. He tells Kevin a story about his father and how also acted in a sense. He would pretend there was no war when around his kids and invent fantasy lands to tell them about. 

He tells Kevin that his and Kevin's dads weren't so different. Even if they were enemies, they both hid their pain from the war to spare their children. And now both of them get to live happy lives. 

Back at the hostel, Kevin's disappointed he didn't get the answers he was looking for. Zoe comforts him by saying maybe this isn't the ending, just the middle of Kevin's Vietnam journey. 

As the man from hostel carries Kevin's bags, he tells him that he looked up his uncles' name in the veteran registry and Nicky's name was nowhere to found. He might be dead, but he didn't die in the war. 

A house with an elder man inside appears and one of the letters is addressed to Nicholas Pearson. 


Kate has a great ultrasound and could even learn the sex of the baby, but Katoby decides to keep it a secret. The doctor recommends Kate stops doing the singing telegrams because sitting around a lot isn't good for the baby. 

Kate and Madison walk together and Madison comes up with a new job prospect for Kate. The high school she's volunteering at has an opening for a choir teacher. 

Kate's interview for the teaching position is going really well and she almost gets the job until the principle realizes she doesn't have a college degree. He tells her he can't hire her without one. 

Toby tries to comfort Kate and tells her he thinks this is what's best because she needs to relax now. Kate tells him she needs something to do because she's terrified she won't actually get a baby. They both are and that's why they don't want to know the sex of the baby. 

Toby brings Kate to a community college and encourages her to finish up the college credits she needed to graduate. He assures her that their kid is coming to them safely and healthy. Kate agrees to enroll. 

Toby and Kate ordered a gender reveal cake and when they cut it, they learn they are having a boy. 


Randall is helping Annie prepare for her spelling bee. Beth is concerned that he isn't taking the upcoming debate seriously and his campaign has been lacking since she left the team. 

Tess gives them so attitude before going to bed and they catch Deja talking on the phone with her mom. 

It's the day of the debate and Beth gives Randall a pep talk before he goes out. Tess and Rebecca are on their way to the debate and Rebecca asks Tess a barrage of questions. Tess realizes Kate told Rebecca about her liking girls. 

Rebecca assures Tess that Kate just wanted someone nearby to look out for her. Tess tells Rebecca she doesn't want to talk about it. 

The debate isn't going well for Randall as Councilman Brown keeps bringing up the fact that Randall isn't from the Twelfth District. Randall gets the people on his side when he brings up all the complaints Brown has ignored and he assures them that he will help them all with their problems, even if he has to do it himself. 

After the debate, Rebecca sits down with Tess and tells her that the emotional pain of keeping secrets from those she loved has led to her aching physically. She wants Tess to talk to her parents when she's ready and let go of the pain she's feeling.

Beth and Jay-Wan congratulate Randall on the debate but Jay-Wan informs him that he's too far behind in the early polls to have any chance of winning on election day. 

At home, Deja asks them to arrange a day for her to visit her mom. They agree to schedule a day. Tess comes down and asks to talk to them. She tells them that she thinks she might like girls. They both assure her that they love her no matter what and whenever she wants to talk, they are there to listen. 

Afterward, Beth and Randall talk about the election. Randall wants to keep trying despite the odds. Beth thinks he should drop out and focus on the complicated things going on in their family. 

Randall says he has to keep his promise to the community. Beth reminds him that he told her he would stop if she asked him and now's he asking. Randall tells her he needs to see this through, upsetting Beth in the process. 

Beth brings pillows and blankets for Randall to sleep on in the living room. 

In the flashforward, Randall asks Tess if he let her mom know they are on their way. She says she called her from the car. Beth is at a ballet studio and her assistant tells her Tess called. She tells her assistant that they are all going to see Randall's mother and asks if she brought pin the tail on the donkey from her office. 

This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Tess: People at school have been having crushes and stuff. And lot's of girls have boyfriends, but I don't want one.
Randall: That's perfectly okay. In fact, it's long been a dream of mine that you never, ever...
Tess: It's because I think I might like girls, not boys. But I don't know, maybe I don't. I just didn't want to tell you guys because I didn't want it to become a thing.
Randall: Hey Tess, listen, we're your parents.
Tess: I know.
Randall: In a very cool, laidback kind of way, without it having to be a thing.
Beth: We love you no matter what, okay? Look at me, you see me? Look at your dad, you see him? Do you see anything other than two people who love you more then any two people could ever love anyone in the entire world?

Kate, we're going to be parents! We have six months to jump a bunch of hurdles before our life becomes consumed with poop and naps. And do not say my life is already consumed by poops and naps, even though it is. Look, you get this degree and I think it closes a loop for you that's been open far too long. I think it makes you smile and when you smile the world is a better place. You see? The world just got a little better. And that is the smile I want us to have when I talk about our kid from now on. That is the smile our kid is going to inherit from you. Our kid!