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The camera that JaBecca buys today will document the best years of their kids' lives.

When they were toddlers, Kevin and Kate cried their hearts out of their strollers were parted by Randall. When JaBecca switched up the kids, Kevin leaned over onto Kate and hugged her before getting up for a full-on hug.

At the time of their graduation, it's time for Rebecca to buy a replacement camera. She runs into a fellow parent who helps her with a camera, but she doesn't get out of the store without him asking her to coffee.

Rebecca seems shocked.

In the present, Randall is creating a color board with all the kids' activities. When Beth adds her ballet classes, she wonders how it's going to work. Randall promises it will work. They're them.

It's Kate's graduation day. Toby and Rebecca have a party planned.

Kevin is coming, but he's flat on the couch when Zoe calls to surprise him by being in LA again.

Back in the day, Kate is pissed because Kevin is following Sophie across the country, and she's refusing to do graduation since she'll be the only person on stage without future plans.

Madison created a drink for Kate's graduation party - the Commence-Mint. It's a mojito.

As soon as Kevin arrives, Kate notices something off.

Randall got a call from Deja, and when he gets to her, she's already walking down the street. She wanted to punch a hole through the wall, so she took a walk. Her teacher published a personal essay in the school's journal, and all the kids at school are calling her Pontiac because it was about the time they had to live in the car.

Randall ponders whether to straighten things out, and eventually decides to do it while Deja waits in the car.

Randall's graduation is before Kevin's so it a two-graduation day.

Miss Cunningham thinks Deja is wonderful, but before she can stop gushing, Randall lays into her. She is moved to tears and takes down the post immediately. It's too late for the kids to take it back, but Miss Cunningham was really so proud of how far Deja has come.

Randall and Beth held Deja back a grade at the recommendation of her teacher, but Miss Cunningham thinks she's ready to skip right through eight grade and enter ninth the next year.

When Kate and Kevin get a chance to talk, she can't help but ask if he's OK. When Zoe arrives, Kevin is flustered because he told her some things that didn't happen. He immediately launches into a speech that is interrupted when he hears a shaker behind him.

Kevin decides to leave the party.

Deja doesn't want to be a story like she considers Randall. She doesn't want special treatment with a story attached, but to be a normal kid.

Kate and Rebecca have a touching moment about how proud Rebecca is and that everything Kate is doing is right on time.

Back in the day, Kate spends graduation watching the home movies Jack made over the years.

At the same time in the present, she gets a feeling about Kevin and goes to him. He tries to make excuses for what she sees on the table, and he doesn't think Zoe needs to know. Zoe has stuff, and if she finds out he's been lying, she'll leave.

Kevin wants to get a week of meetings behind him before he has to tell her. Kate looks for a meeting right now and wants to take him. Kevin thinks he can't do it. She knows he can.

Randall reminds Deja that no matter what, people will always consider her special if she doesn't something outstanding. It's because of her origins. But she admits that there's a lot more to it than that.

Deja wants to keep things the way they are, going to school together and all that jazz, because it's the first time in her life she's ever been so happy.

While driving Kevin to the meeting, Kate's water breaks. She's panicked. It's only 28 weeks. It's too soon. 

Beth's first day at the school was the very best. Randall shares the Deja news when she gets home. 

Kevin asks Beth to put a pin in her dreams. Just for now, so she can get a real job with regular hours. Beth wonders. Does Randall get to have his dream while she has to give up hers?

Around high school graduation time, Rebecca pops in the videos Kate was watching and finds Jack filming her while she pops popcorn into her mouth and watches moonlighting. She cries, and calls Miguel.

He had previously offered to take her a grief support meeting, and she really needs him to help her attend one tonight. 

At a graduation party, Kevin decides to stay behind with Kate. She wants him to go. It's not his job to look after her anymore. 

It's the first time they've shown that their relationship and the caring was reciprocated.

Randall wonders what's going to happen to them when it's all over. He guesses Kate and Kevin will probably have an apartment together because it's always been the two of them more than The Big Three.

Kevin visits Kate in the hospital to reassure her. The Big Three are there for each other no matter what. Promises all around.

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