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Randall and Beth:

Throughout the seven weeks before election night, Randall keeps thinking about the trip he took with Jack to Howard University in Washington D.C. 

Things between Randall and Beth are still very tense and he's still sleeping on the couch. He gets ready to go to the district which Beth is upset about because she wants him to focus on their family. She tells him there is no "we" in his campaign anymore. She will stay out of his way but not support. 

Jae-won informs Randall that they are still very behind in the campaign and he's going to have to miss a lot of family events in order to increase his numbers. Three weeks before the election, Randall listens to the local station and the host is questioning Randall's family values due to his family being absent during the campaign trail. 

He tells Beth he needs the family to start coming with him to events. Beth gets mad at him, reminding him about all the stuff she has had to do without him there. 

He reminds her that he was in her shoes last year when he was the stay-at-home dad while she was working. She walks away before the conversating heats up. 

On New Year Eve, Randall tells Jae-won he's done working for the night so he can pick up a blueberry pie for his family. Jae-won tells him he has dirt on Councilman Brown. After a failed attempt to get a blueberry pie, Randall runs into the Twelfth District's reverend. 

He ends up unloading all of his inner turmoil onto the reverend and gets some advice about what he should do about the dirt Jae-won uncovered. He tells him to think about when he's old and what he wants to be proud of. 

He comes home to his family and apologizes to all four of them for being gone so much. He tells them that they are what makes him great and the accomplishment he's most proud of. The family celebrates with the blueberry pie he found elsewhere. 

The next morning, Randall and Beth lie together in bed and reflect on their early days of dating when Beth first realized she might marry him. She reminds him he is a man who cares too much and tries too hard. She tells him she should've had his back during this campaign. They get ready to go to church in the Twelfth District. 

The Reverend hypes the people about the election and praises both Councilman Brown and Randall, reminding his church that they are in capable hands with either one of these men. 

Kevin and Zoe:

Kevin and Zoe arrive back in America and Zoe says it feels so good to feel home while at Kevin's loft. Kevin teases her about it and then asks if she wants to live with him, giving her his keys with a John Stamos keychain. She nods and they celebrate. 

They visit the Veteran Affairs Office to learn more about Nikky. The employee says she can't give him information unless he can prove that he's next of kin. Since he can't, she says he'll need an official to give him access. Zoe says she might be able to get a letter from a congressman she once dated. 

They meet with Andy and Kevin lets it slip that Zoe's moving in with him. Zoe tells him he what they need from him and he thought it was something more serious. He says he can do it and makes a comment about sending an email before running off. 

Kevin asks Zoe what that was all about and she tells him she broke up with Andy through email after he asked her to move in with him. 

Zoe comes home to Kevin's loft and he's looking at the records, which don't share much. She tries to read them with them but he's acting distant. He gets upset that she hasn't unpacked any boxes and asks if she really wants to move in. She says no and every step of this relationship has been him pushing her. She tells him she needs some space. 

Kate and Toby: 

Kate tells Toby she wants to start using their spare room that stores all their stuff into a nursery. She tells him he needs to sell all his toys. 

Later, Toby looks for a box that was labeled DNS. Kate tells him she sold it thinking it was for sale. Toby gets upset because he wanted to save these toys for his kids. 

Kate tracks down the buyer and he right away tells them she can't have the toys back. She tries to bribe him and when that doesn't work she tells Gabe that she's pregnant, her house burned down in a fire and her dad died. She has nothing to give her child from childhood but her baby can have something from her father. Gabe still won't give it back.

Kate buys some from eBay but Toby can tell right away they aren't the same. She tells him that their son doesn't need toys from his childhood because Toby is going to be their son's favorite thing. 

Election Night: 

Toby surprises Kate with a replica version of the football stadium her dad built for her. He tells her that Kate's going to be their son's favorite thing. Kate starts to cry. 

Kevin tries to talk to Zoe but she tells him she can't do this right now. Toby calls Kevin and asks him how to figure out why Kate's crying but Kevin has to go. 

Kate assures her that she's crying happy tears. 

During the night of the election, local reporters say that the election is too close to call. Jae-won congratulates Randall on everything he's done to get to this point. 

Randall walks over to Beth and asks to talk to everyone. He gives a speech thanking everyone for their tireless work with this campaign. He tells everyone to go home because they won't know the results until late. 

Kevin leaves and Zoe follows. She tells him that after what happened with her dad, she bordered up her place in Chicago. She tells him it scares her to give up her own safe space. Kevin assures her that she doesn't have to live them if she's not ready. 

Yet, she assures him she wants to live with him because she's falling in love with him. They start unpacking her boxes and she comes across a letter written to Jack from CK (Clark Kent aka Nikky). Kevin realizes that Jack knew Nikky was alive, Zoe notices the return address and wonders if he's still there. 

Teen Randall asks Jack if he wasn't to visit his brother's name on the memorial wall but Jack says it's too sad for him. 

Randall rambles on to Beth about his father and what it means to be special. She reminds him he's special but also very tired. Randall gets a call and he learns he won the election. 

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This Is Us Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Kevin: We don't have to live together then. You don't even have to unpack, I'll just walk over your stuff for the rest of my life. It'll be good for my calves.
Zoe: I want to live with you, I do. Because even though you might be the most pushy person I have ever met, I think I like what you're pushing for. I'm in love with you and I want John Stamos back.

All that stuff you worry about, having balance. In my experience, there's one key piece to that puzzle. I just hope the universe puts the right person in your path like your mom was for me. You know someone who brings out all the good stuff, your best stuff because by god son, what a force you will be.