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Jack and Rebecca try to get the kids to stop jumping on their beds and go to sleep. It's the first night in their beds.

Rebecca is coughing from singing to Kate. Jack convinces her to go to bed. He turns on a movie and Randall shows up and says he's scared.

In the present, Randall confronts the intruder, who runs away.

College age Randall is screaming for Rebecca to get out of the lightning but she doesn't hear him. He also freaks out when there's a fire drill.

In the present, the cops are there. They suggest a security system and warn him that the intruder may come back.

Deja, Tess, and Beth try to comfort Annie, who is scared. Randall takes Beth into the hall. He suggests BEth take the girls to a hotel just in case. Beth wants him to come with them. Randall says he has to stay to fix the window and install the security system.

Randall lays in bed listening to the house creaking and sirens outside. He wanders around with a golf club and checks a security camera while watching TV. He texts Kevin.

Kevin is in Pittsburgh. He is going to Sophie's mom's funeral. Randall tells him about the break-in. Kevin asks him where he was coming from. Randall makes up a story about a fundraiser in Boston. He says he needs to get some sleep and hangs up.

College-age Randall is upset because he can't fix the dryer. A car alarm goes off outside and Randall seems upset. Kate comes in and is fighting with Mark ont he phone. Kevin shows up with Sophie.

College age Randall keeps his anxiety to himself. There is a flashback of Jack telling little Randall it's okay to be scared.

Jack puts little Randall back to bed and asks what scares him. Randall is scared of monsters. Jack says there are no monsters but if there were they can't get past him. He lays down with Randall.

Adult Randall lies awake at 2:05 AM.

Randall comes to work. His assistant asks if Beth and the girls are okay. Randall is tired and half out of it, but doesn't want to move a town hall. Randall is checking his security system but insists he won't let this affect his work.

Darnell comes to see Randall. He's concerned about a housing bill that will raise rents. Randall has to check his security system. Darnell is annoyed with Randall not listening ad goes.

College age Randall and Beth are stuying. Beth makes fun of Randall's Braveheart soundtrack. Randall asks Beth to stay overnight because he's having issues with sleeping.

Randall has a dream where Jack is back and no one else realizes Jack is dead. Beth wakes him up.

Adult Randall runs in because his alarm is going off. Beth can't get the system to turn off. Randall is freaking out as she talks to the security company.

Randall is awake at 2:19 AM. 

The next morning Beth does not want weapons all over the place. SHe discovers her earrings and Randall's cuff links are missing. Randall is freaking out. Beth wants him to acknowledge he's having a hard time. She says they need to have a real conversation about how to manage everything together.

At the town hall, a lot of residents are angry about the housing bill. Randall freezes up because his security system alert goes off. Eventually he talks about caps on rent hikes etc. People are unimpressed. He asks them to trust him. He is not doing well.

Randall has some sort of weird dream sequence. He wakes up shaking.

The next day, Beth suggests Randall change the settings on the security app so that they aren't so sensitive. He goes for a run before their talk. Darnell shows up and says Malik told him about the break-in.  Darnell encourages Randall to go to therapy. He says he goes to therapy too. He used to talk to his pastor all the time and the pastor referred him to a therapist.  Randall says he doesn't need a therapist.

College age Randall talks to Beth about his dreams while adult Randall is jogging. Beth tells him she had bad dreams after her dad died too. She saw a therapist and it gave her control. She suggests a counselor, which Randall isn't interested in, and then a grief group the next day she could go to with him.

Randall sees some guy hurting a woman and beats him up.

Jack gets up and leaves Randall's room. Randall gets up right away but Jack tells him to go back to bed.

Randall has broken his hand. He tells Beth he's very tired. He lies down and Beth tells him to get some rest. 

Randall's phone rings. His misadventure has made the news.

College age Randall is about to go to the grief group but Kevin calls and says dinner is canceled and something is going on with Kate. Randall skips the grief group.

Everyone in the office applauds Randall but he just walks off. and locks himself in the bathroom. He calls Kevin and tells him he's not okay.

Jack is about to watch his movie when Kevin shows up.

The adult Kevin says Randall saved him. It's been a hell of a week. Sophie is sleeping next to him.

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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Mom! Get out of the lightning! Please, Mom! I don't think you can hear me.


Jack: Why don't you take some cough medicine and call it a night?
Rebecca: I'm sorry. You really think these three are going to stay asleep?