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Kate wants a Mommy story. Jack offers her a Daddy story. He and Kate makeup a story about a little girl in the forest, who is a princess. Kate says what the girl wants is a surprise.

We see Randall and the intruder again.

Grown up Kate wants to get up early and get to the retreat. Toby says he's reading about a girl who got some of her sight back using gene therapy. Kate tells him that won't work for Jack but Toby says he needs some hope and to dream of it working for Jack. Kate looks at the clock.

In the record store, Marc is looking at Kate. He gives her a book he bought for her. They talk about how in love they are. Kate wants Marc to go to Rebecca's birthday. He doesn't think her brothers like him. She thinks they do. He agrees to go. He tries to stop her from eating chocolate. They are interrupted by a customer.

Kate interjects with her knowledge of music. Marc seems annoyed.

Kate reminds Toby to pack his bathing suit. She says she thinks this will be good for them. Toby seems distracted by his phone. He thinks it's too much too early.

Rebecca calls. Kate says Toby can't go to the retreat. Rebecca says she'll go. Kate hangs up.

Gregory gives Kate a beeper ball for Jack. Toby asks Kate if she's all right with all this.  She promises to text a lot and says Madison will come check on Toby this week.

Jack continues telling the story with Kate. They come across a field of flowers, which Jack suspects are poisonous.

Kate and Marc have a fight on the phone. She begs him to tell her why he's mad. He says she showed him up with the Nell Diamond guy. He says they're okay and she's the only good thing in his life. He is busy drinking. Kate says she loves him. She hangs up and is upset.

Rebecca checks on Kate. Kate says everything is great. Kate tells her about Marc coming to dinner. Rebecca suggests they get coffee before dinner. Kate reluctantly agrees

At the retreat, Rebecca is excited about karaoke. She wants them to sing Ironic together. Kate thinks Rebecca's behavior is weird. Rebecca says she's there for them.

COllege age Kate obsesses over her makeup. Rebecca looks concerned. They go to the coffee shop and Marc is late. Kate gives lots of excuses for Marc. Rebecca promises to keep an open mind. Marc shows up and complains about the car. He seems in a big rush. 

Marc also complains about the manager at the record store and says he quit. Kate and Rebecca are staring at him. Marc says Kate has an amazing voice. Rebecca agrees with him. Marc thinks they should go to the cabin. Rebecca says she forgot to open it up.

Jack and Kate go on with their story. Kate says the little girl finds water. Jack talks about a cave full of water

Kate ad Rebecca head toward the pool with Jack.  Later tey go to a seminar for the parents of kids with disabilities. REbecca takes a lot of notes.

They talk to another parent and a guy who talks about canes, as well as a seminar about Braille.

College age Kate wants to go to the cabin early in the morning. Rebecca does't want Kate and Marc going there alone. Kate gets upset and says she's going to the cabin now.

Adult Kate talks to Gregory about Jack and pretends to REbecca she's talking to Toby. She admits she was talking to Gregory.  SHe tells Rebecca about Toby's problems with Jack's blindness. Kate also admits she's not sure if she will be able to do physical things with Jack as he gets older and she's not sure if Toby will want to. Rebecca says let's go swimming right now. Kate refuses. Rebecca insists.

Kate gets in the pool. Rebecca talks about how Kate used to love to swim. THere is a lashback of little Kate in the water Rebecca says she calls Kate Bug because she loved everything that could fly, but her favorite was lightning bugs.  SHe remembers how Kate used to catch lighnting bugs and tell them to find their way home. She says Kate is sensitive but that doesn't mean she isn't strong. Kate doesn't feel strong right now. Rebecca says Kate is strong and must stand up to Toby.. If he is never ready, she can raise Jack on her own, but Rebecca believes in Toby.

Jack returns to his story. Kate says it's her story. She says the prince disappears. Jack is impressed with that twist.

Marc and Kate are singing on their way to the cabin. Kate is bummed that Marc quit. He thinks she should quit too. She says she needs the money and it's a decent job. Marc wants to make music.  He seems angry and upset.that she won't quit. He accuses her of being unsupportive and starts driving too fast. Kate is terrified. She insists he stop the car and says they need to get some air. He calls her fat ad drives off, leaving her in the middle of nowhere.

Rebecca tells Kate about her memory issues. and how she could be developing dementia. Kate wonders how she didn't notice. Rebecca insists she's fine. But she doesn't want to waste time being sad or worried. She feels okay.. Kate is upset and asks if Jack is still asleep. Kate has an idea. They go to sing at karaoke.

COllege age Kate finds a pay phone in a bad area and calls Rebecca and says she's sorry for what she said earlier. A car pulls in. Kte says everything isn't all right. Marc shows up with a blanket. Kate says everything is fine and hangs up.

Jack has fallen asleep. Little Kate wakes him up.

Kate lets Marc give her the blanket and apologize to her.

Little Kate in the story runs to Mommy.

Rebecca asks what Kate will say to Toby. Kate wonders if her mom is becoming her best friend.

Kate wonders if Toby can do this, can  he be what they need him to be? Toby wants to. Kate's phone buzzes. It's Kevin. Kate says her marriage is imploding.

Kate is going to go to the cabin with Kevin and Randall. Toby needs space from her.

Rebecca is worried about college aged Kate and tells Kevin they have to go get her.

It is snowing at the cabin when Marc and Kate pull up.

Jack tells REbecca that everyone is asleep. She is the real hero.




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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

I'm reading about this girl in Minnesota who used gene therapy and she got some of her sight back. Like, 30 percent. I'd be ecstatic if our son got 30 percent of his sight back.


Jack: Every good story has a hero who wants something, and he or she -
Kate: She.
Jack: She has to go on an adventure to get it.