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Jack comes home late. It's report card day. Randall is upset because he got an A-. Kate got most improved but is upset about Stewart breaking up with her. Kevin is doing poorly and is disruptive in class.

Randall wants to contest his A-. Rebecca privately worries abot him to Jack, but Jack thinks he's just wound up tight.

In the present, Randall is concerned about Rebecca's MRI. Beth is proud of him for going to therapy but he doesn't want to make a big deal about it.

Toby apologizes to Kate for what he said last night. He has a surprise in the garage. He wants to turn it into a music studio. Kate thinks this is a sweet gesture but she needs time. She gets a text from Madison who wants to apologize. Toby is shocked by Madison/Kevin.

Kevin goes to see Rebecca. He goes overboard saying how great she looks. She realizes he knows. SHe wanted to tell him in person. He says he's there to take care of her. Rebecca says she's fine. She has plans with Miguel to go to some record stores but he would rather she go with Kevin, as long as they are back in time for her dr appointment.

In the waiting room, Randall looks nervously at the magazines. The therapist calls him in. 

It's time for school. Kevin is taking forever putting his baseball cards away. Kate is depressed and doesn't want to go. Randall wants to go contest his A-. Kevin wants to come with Rebecca on her errands so they can buy baseball cards after

In the present, Rebecca listens to music at the record store. She recalls how much she loved records and Kevin's baseball card collection.

Rebecca recalls trying to fin Joni Mitchell's house when she and Jack were young. Kevin finds it now. Rebecca wants to go even if it makes her late for her appointment.

Kate meets Madison for lunch. Madison apologizes. Kate doesn't know what to think. 

Randall claims to be comfortable speaking about his emotions but he has to put his phone on silent first. He starts talking about how he doesn't need any distractions despite Rebecca's appointment. He says that's not why he's here. The therapist discloses she is familiar with his campaign.

Kevin complains about running the errands and says Sophie's mom is more fun. Rebecca says they can go to the baseball card store but only for five minues.

In the present, Rebecca and Kevin go to Joni Mitchell's house.  Kevin wants to ring the bell.  The gate is open and they go in.

Randall doesn't think he needs to work out because he got an A in PE. Jack wants him to run to deal with his anxiety (so that's where that came from).

In the present, Randall says he is fortunate to be shaped by two fathers.It's in his speeches for a reason. He feels weird about her knowing who she is. But then again he is a public figure.

Kate and Madison discuss Toby.  Madison changes the subject to Kevin. He was comfortable for her because she doesn't feel judged. She wants someone who she can be as intimate with as Toby and Kate. And shouldn't Toby be able to express his fears without punishment? Kate decides to forgive Madison for the moment.

At the baseball card store, Kevin buys a bunch of packs of cards to look for the one he wants.

In the present, Rebecca says Graham Nash wrote the song "Our House" about this house. She has all the details of the story. She begins singing. In the past, she tries to get Jack to sing it.

In the present, Kevin watches Rebecca sing. He asks if she's scared. She is a little but is having fun with him and says he does that all the time.

The therapist tries to ask Randall about Rebecca and he changes the subject. She says he is trying to avoid the subject. Randall gets agitated and checks his phone. He is not happy that Kevin is taking Rebecca.

Jack finds Kate sulking and watching MTV. He says first boyfriends are like the first waffles that he throws away because he hasn't got them right yet.

Kate comes home and finds Toby lying with Jack. He asks if Madison is going to be his siter-in-law. Kate says no. Kate doesn't want them to resent each other. She loves him and she is tired of fighting with him. 

Rebecca wants to go eat Chinese food. She would rather reschedule her appointment. She doesn't want to go. She doesn't want today to end. Kevin says he will be back tomorrow.

Randall says he's the only one who can take care of Rebecca. He rants about Kevin and how this therapy is a waste of time because he already knows what's going on for him. He thinks this is a waste of time, turns off the therapist's coffee machine for her, and goes. 

Randall tells Beth he doesn't think therapy is for him, at least not right now. Beth is unsurprised. She wants him to give it a chance. She says she needs this. She shows him she has pepper spray because ever since the break in she doesn't want to be alone at night. She has sleeping pills too. She wants Annie to have the phone so she can stay safe. She didn't want to tell him because she didn't want him to crack. She can't tell him things if he won't get help.

Rebecca goes to her MRI. No stroke etc. She likely has Alzheimers.

Toby says the music studio is for both of them. He has a corral with music toys for Jack. Kate loves it. 

Kevin and Miguel take Rebecca home. Miguel goes to make tea. Rebecca asks Kevin not to treat her differently now that she has this diagnosis. 

In the past, Rebecca goes on singing to Jack. Jack sings with her.

The same song plays over a montage of Kate and Jack at different ages playing in the studio and Randall running with Jack at different ages.

Randall returns to therapy. We finally see the therapist's face.

We see both Jack and Miguel holding Rebecca.

Adult Kevin finally gets the baseball card he was looking for. Kevin and Rebecca find it in the past too.

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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Randall: I thought we agreed, no iPhones til junior high.
Beth: I know, but she's so cute when she begs.. The force is strong in that one.
Randall: It is, but we are stronger.

Jack: Improvements in biology and physics. That's great.
Rebecca: What's wrong, Bug?
Kate: Stewart broke up with me.
Rebecca: Oh...
Kate: I need to be alone. Don't follow me.