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Deja and Malik take a ride on a bus together. Malik invites her to Max's Steaks, which she has never heard of. Randall only takes her to tourist acttractions. Deja remembers coming to Philly nce before with her birth family when she was four but not where she went. She is upset. Malik suggests they skip school together. Deja isn't going to but changes her mind when Malik doesn't get up.

Randall comes home with tamales, but Beth is upset because Deja and Malik skipped school. Randall says Deja is not supposed to be seeing Malik. Deja asks if he's banning her from school.She gets sent to her room.

Rebecca thinks it's weird that Jack invited Mr. Lawrence over.

Mr. Lawrence is trying to choose a book. His wife wants him to help her with a necklace. Mr. Lawrence says the book is for Randall.

Randall and Beth have invited Malik's family to dinner. Randall thinks that they need to convince Malik's parents to help them break up the kids. Beth says that will not work and they need to have an open mind.

Malik's mom thinks Deja is fast and that Randall and his wife must not be watching their kids properly. Malik says Deja's not like that and it was his idea to skip school.

Deja gets a text that Malik is five minutes away.

Beth tells Deja to go get her sisters. Deja wants Randall to not take his anger out on Malik.. Malik's family is here.

Meanwhile in the past, so are the Lawrences. Jack watches as Randall does an elaborate handshake with Mr. Lawrence.

Malik's family comes in. THe baby is sleeping.

We see a flashback of that afternoon. Malik takes Deja to Max's Steaks. It turns out one of the sandwiches is named after Malik's grandfather. Deja likes that Malik has a lot of connections in the community. Malik says he'll be right back. He walks out and in again with Deja and tells the workers to say hi to her.

Malik's mother says Deja is beautiful. ANnie says it's crazy that Malik has a baby. Malik's family doesn't  drink. 

Darnell and Randall talk. Randall says he wanted to talk about the kids sneaking around. Darnell says he used to trick or treat in this neighborhood and wondered what the nice houses were like on the inside.

Randall shows the Lawrences his room and makes fun of Kevin's side of the room being messy. Jack launches into a speech about types of wood he could have used to  build Randall's bookshelves. Turns out Randall organizes his books just like Mr. Lawrence does.

Malik shows Deja a mural in Philadelphia. Malik considers using a cheesy pickup line on Deja. He tells her he's never done that before.

Later they go to Rita's for ice cream, then to a field that Malik says used to be his grandpa's and he takes the baby there sometimes. They lie down together in the grass. Malik cautiously reaches for Deja's hand.  They look at each other like they're going to kiss and suddenly Deja says she doesn't want to be here anymore and walks off.

At Randall's, everyone is staring at each other as the oven rings. Randall n otices that Darnell has tattoos as he helps. Randall tells Darnell that the kids got one day's detention. Darnell says it;'s Malik's fault b ut Malik has promised it won't happen again.

Kelly suggests Deja has too much baggage. Beth tells Randall she doesn't like Kelly. Randall thinks Darnell is okay.

Kevin is bored by Randall and Mr. Lawrence talking about dinosaurs. Mr. Lawrence brings up an arts festival full of black artists that they hold once a month. Randall asks if he can come the next time the Lawrences go. Rebecca says Randall shouldn't impose. Mr. Lawrence says it's okay but Mrs. Lawrence stops him. Jack says he will take his family and Mr. Lawrence can take his. 

At the field, Deja walks away from Malik. Malik apologizes. Deja says she never liked anyone before.

In the kitchen, Rebecca tells Jack that Randall needs Mr. Lawrence.

KElly wants to say grace, which causes all sorts of trouble at Randall's table, especially  when Annie lets it slip that their family doesn't go to church.

Randall asks Darnell about his business and says let him know if there's anything he can do for him as his councilman. He wonders if Darnell voted for him. Darnell says he doesn't do politics. THebaby starts crying and Malik goes to take care of her. Tess offers to help, which Beth doesn't like. Annie thinks Deja is Jarnell's stepmom. Everyone tells her no. Deja wants to go for a walk with Malik and the baby. Beth says dinner is over and sends the girls upstairs.

Beth doesn't think Malik and Deja should be dating. Kelly agrees. Darnell says kids skip school.  Beth and Kelly get into an argument. The men have to separate them. Darnell is offended and takes off his shirt to show off his tats. He says he won't have Randall writing Malik off.

Deja comes down and apologizes but says she's not sorry for liking Malik.

In flashback, Malik says that he has no game. Jennifer was his first girlfriend and he knows he disappointed his parents by getting her pregnant. He understands if she wants to go back to school but he did have one more place he wanted to show her. Deja gives him her hand.

The Lawrences leave. Jack goes out and asks Mr. Lawrence for a word. Mr. Lawrence knows tonight was awkward. Jack says that Randall always asked him questions about race issues and he always had answers for him. But now his questions had got complicated and Jack felt like he was letting him down. Mr Lawrence says he knew he would be the only black teacher there, so he understood how Randall felt and wanted to help him. He says Jack is his father and will be with him forever. Mr. Lawrence goes to his car and gets a book. It's The Weary Blues by Langston Hughes. He says Randall is really into Hughes and hands Jack the book before he goes home.

Malik waves good night to Deja as they leave.

Teenage Randall does homework. Jack comes in. He tells Randall he wants to read the book too. Randall is surprised.

Deja is in her room listening to music. Randall and Beth come in and tell her she's grounded for a week. She can see Malik with adult supervision. They want to get to know Malik.

Deja says Malik is confident but not cocky. In flashback, he shows Deja some lights on the water, which makes her remember her grandma and mom showing them too. DEja and Malik kiss.

Randall tells Jack he memorized his favorite poem. Jack asks to hear it. Randall recites I Too Sing America. Jack would like to read the poem with him.


This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Beth: Deja and Malik skipped school.
Randall: What? You're not even supposed to be seeing that boy.
Deja: He's at my school. You gonna ban me from school too?

Deja: I hate that?
Malik: Hate what?
Deja: Not remembering when my grandma was alive.