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Kate and Toby argue about Lady Kryptonite but Toby promises Kate nothing is going on.

Meanwhile, on New Year's Eve, Randall makes arrangements to fly out to go to the doctor with Rebecca. Miguel doesn't seem to want him there, especially as Randall is texting constantly.

In the past, Rebecca is consumed with her father's birthday party while Jack is struggling to make ends meet. Jack decides to break it off with her.

Kevin tries a matchmaking service and has a bunch of bad dates before he meets Lizzie in a coffee shop.

It turns out Lizzie doesn't live here. She lives in Chicago. Kevin is disappointed. But he's free so he will take her where she wants to go.  He akes her to the Hollywood Bowl and she tells him he is a hopeless romantic. He says his parents had a magical love story. His dad knew his mom was the one for him the moment he met her. He has arranged for John Legelnd to play for her.

Meanwhile, Rebecca comes home early, upset, because she and Jack broke up.

In the present, Rebecca says the tests went well.. The woman asked her things like where she was and what day it was. She notices a baby. She has been thinking about Randall as a baby. Randall was always an early riser. There is a flashback of Rebecca checking on Randall as a baby and picking him up. She listened to Joni Mitchell and sit in the rocking chair and rock him and watch the sunrise.  She remembers every detail and how she wished time could stand still. 

John Legend plays and sings for Lizzie and Kevin.  We see a montage of Jack working on a car and Rebecca looking sad at the party as well.  Janet is surprised that Rebecca likes Jack so much. She doesn't think they've been together for long enough for Rebecca to love Jack.  Janet says she and Dave love each other so she does understand. It's about small moments lilke him giving her an article in the paper he knows she will like. He is dependable and provided for them. So it was scary for them to see her with someone like Jack. But it is her life and she thinks Dave got into Jack's head and convinced him he was not good enough. Rebecca says she has to go. 

In the present, the doctor says Rebecca has mild cognitive impairment. For example, the numbers on the clock are spaced weird. Suggests spatial dysfunction. She had trouble remembering some phrases too. The doctor wants to do blood tests and an MRI. Randall asks what they are looking out for? The doctor says it could stay minor or things could deteriorate. First they have to run more tests.

Everyone has gone home. Kate asks him about the new gym. He says she was right about Kara. Kara tried to kiss him so he decided to avoid her. He didn't tell Kate because he was wrong about Kara and didn't want to give them a reason to fight. Kate thinks he gave Kara the wrong idea by avoiding Kate. She says she was afraid he had feelings for Kara, but at least then she'd understand why he wants to be anywhere but here with her. 

Toby admits he is pulling away but says it's not about her. He loves her and Jack. Jack's handicap makes him sad. He doesn't want Kate to be disgusted with his feelings about Jack. 

Kate picks Jack up. She asks Toby if he wants to know what she got him? She booked a retreat for families with blind children. She thought it was a great idea for their family. She walks away.

Miguel admits that Randall was right. Randall didn't want to be. Miguel admits he noticed things but didn't want to admit it wasn't just old age.  He didn't want to think about anything being wrong with Rebecca. He will take care of her. Randall says one step at a time.  Rebecca comes back and is ready to go home.

Meanwhile John Legend takes a five minute break. Kevin asks Lizzie how he is doing. Better than the guy who broke up with her halfway through a bowling match, but not as good as her junior prom date. He kisses her but she says she can't do this. She says she can't do that. She says he is her "hall pass" -- the celebrity you can sleep with without cheating. She's married. She apologizes and says she can go.

Kate calls Toby in. Jack is reaching for the light. He is able to see light and shadows. Toby is thrilled. He picks Jack up and Jack reaches for the lights as they flash on and off.

Kevin goes to work at 11 PM.  He goes on and on about how he is not destined to have a love story. He goes on set. His phone buzzes after he gives it to his PA. It's Sophie.

In the past, Rebecca goes to see Jack at the shop. They are about to close. She tells Jack she doesn't care about his job or money or any of that. She wants him to forget what her dad said. She's in love with him. Jack can't believe she said I love you first. They kiss. 

Older Rebecca is staring at herself in the mirror and crying.

Randall comes home and looks in on his girls. They are all asleep. He goes in to Beth, who is also asleep.  She wakes up and asks how he's doing? He says he's hanging in there and goes to get some water. He sees someone in the kitchen and freezes.

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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

When you tell me something, I believe you, cause that's how we roll.


Thanksgiving may be over, but one thing I'm grateful for is how good a traveler Jack is, unlike the screamer in Row Eight.