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Rebecca has a hard time finding a tablecloth. WHen she finally finds one, there's no table cloth.

A few years later, Rebecca is getting ready for her dinner party. Kate thinks it's weird that Kevin got married and also irritated that Miguel is around all the time.

At the record store, Kate is spending her time kissing her boyfriend instead of working.

Randall ran ten miles. Deja is not happy that he won't let her date Malik.

Kate and Toby are worried what the baby gift is from Randall. Kate talks to Randall on the phone. She's worried about Kevin.

Kevin asks Nicky about Jack. Nicky says Jack liked ice cream, leading Kevin to tell him how Jack used to bring bricks of ice cream home when he was a kid. No reaction. Anyway, Nicky doesn't want to go to the hockey game.

Randall tries to make up with a councilman whose meeting he skipped but he gets a call that Tess had a panic attack.

Rebecca can't find her big pot when she and Jack are unpacking.

There is tension at the dinner party before KEvin and Sophie got there. Randall is nervous about Beth possibly being allergic. Kate is upset about Kevin's marriage. Beth brings hot sauce, which reminds Rebecca of Jack. Beth's dad loved hot sauce too.

Kevin and Sophie arrive. KEvin carries her into the house. Kate is not happy about the whole thing.

Tess doesn't want to talk to Randall about her panic attack. She gets offended by the idea that she's like him.

Nicky wants to drink because he's stressed at the hockey game. Cassidy's son, on the other hand, thinks Kevin is the coolest. 

Jack is concerned about Rebecca cooking while pregnant but she insists on making them a salad.

Kevin and Sophie say there was a sign they should be married. They ran into each other under the marquee for The Princess Bride and a church bell began ringing and then a street vendor sold them bracelets. They have polaroids of their wedding at the courthouse.

The doorbell rings. It's Kate's coworker. He got her address off her application and picked her neighbors flowers. Kate introduces her friend from work. He says his name is Mark and he's Kate's boyfriend.

Kevin tries to talk to Cassidy's husband without m uch success. Nicky watches someone drinking and has a flashback. He says he's going. He says he needs to b e somewhere else and won't let Kevin go with him.

Kate calls Randall and leaves a message saying call me when the present is going to be here. The doorbell rings but it's Rebecca.

Everyone is bothering Mark about liking Modest Mouse.

The Big Three go into the kitchen. Kevin thinks Mark is too old for Kate and Randall thinks Mark is into obscure music. Kate is annoyed that Kevin and Randall don't like Mark and that Kevin got married without telling her. Everyone can hear them arguing outside. Rebecca tells them to stop. 

The ceremony begins.

Meanwhile, Beth decides to make grilled cheese to get Tess to talk. Randall gets a text that the councilman is pissed he bailed again. Randall is upset that he passed on anxiety to Tess. BEth has a flashback of talking to William about Randall's anxiety. William had anxiety too but it wasn't named as such back then. He hated thinking he passed his anxiety onto Randall.

Jack pours wine and says everything's going to be perfect.

Rebecca is in the kitchen staring into space. Miguel comes to check on her. She wonders if she's trying too hard.  Maybe her family is unfixable. Miguel says that question can only be answered by wine. He says this wine isn't harvested every year and the wine makers have to wait out the bad years hoping for a better one.

Kevin takes Cassidy home. She thinks it was stupid to think her marriage could work out.

Beth makes Tess come with her and makes Randall come too.

Beth says she gets that Randall and Tess don't like having anxiety. William had it too. She says that Randall was always obsessed with making everything okay for everyone else. She says Tess got some gifts from Randall too. They were going to get this under control but she wants the negative talk to stop. 

Tess tells them how she pretended she thought a boy was hot and now coming out is going to be difficult. Randall says they can figure that out.

At the dinner party, Kate is still in a bad mood. Rebecca tells the story of how she burned the lasagna. A bird flew in through the window as they were about to eat. Rebecca says Jack was terrified of birds and then got a tennis racket and pillow case to get the bird. The bird chased Jack around the room. The lasnagna got knocked over. Jack and Rebecca started laughing and that made then ight perfect.

Miguel toasts to Kevin and Sophie. 

The family gets pizza.

Meanwhle Kevin drops Cassidy and her son off and gives her husband back the flag. Kevin says Cassidy was excited her husband was coming, why did he bother coming if he was just going to look at his phone? Her husband says he met her when she was 15 and he knew he'd just met his favorite person. THe ceremony honored the thing that broke his favorite person. He didn't want to cry in front of his son. He tells Kevin to stay the hell away from his wife. Cassidy comes back out and her husband goes. Kevin tells her her husband still likes her. 

Kevin goes to see Nicky. Nicky says he's not a storyteller and doesn't like people. He has a brick of ice cream. icky says that his father did the same thing with the ice cream. He remembers him and Jack getting the ice cream as children. He cuts some ice cream for Kevin.

Rebecca needs to give Kevin his wedding gift. She says it's a song for the newlyweds from The Princess Bride. She plays the piano and sings. 

Kate's doorbell rings. The gift is here -- their old piano.

Kate plays Middle C for baby Jack.

In the past, BEth and Randall take a selfie with a Polaroid.

Beth found therapists for Tess...and for Randall. Randall says he doesn't need a therapist. Beth says she can tell he's anxious, he doesn't need to wait til he crashes down to get help. Beth says they have resources now Randall insists he's fine and won't talk about it anymore.

Kate finds the Polaroids fromt he dinner party in with the piano ooks. She fins one of her and Mark and gets sad.

Rebecca looks at the photo and says she was trying so hard to hold it together after Jack died and didn't see what was happening. Kate says she didn't see it either.



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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Randall: Hey Dej! What kind of cereal do you want?
Deja: You think cereal will make me forget that you treat me like a child who can't decide who to date?

Rebecca: How'd you sleep?
Kate: Weird. I kept waking up and forgetting where I was.