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(In the past)

Rebecca is asleep as Jack pulls up to the curb. He wakes her. SHe asks how long she's been out. They talk about how strange it is that a few weeks ago they didn't know each other and now everything changed. She tells him she's gonna play it cool and not call him right away. He says she may not hear from him either because he has to couch surf. They kiss.

Jack calls Rebecca first after all. They make another date for the next day but Rebecca is supposed to have dinner with her parents. She invites Jack and is surprised when he accepts. He will need a sports coat for the country club.

A woman named Cassidy calls her husband but has to go because she's in the Army. 

A blind man breaks a plate and goes out to eat.

A black kid named Malik seems obsessed with his phone and says he has to go home when he sees a sports car. He gets a burger for his mom. SHe tells him not to wake the baby. He goes in and looks at a baby girl in the crib. The baby is his.

Jack goes to buy a sports jacket.

Te blind guy eats pizza. He invites the waitress to sit with him. She does. He says the bacon is good for his hangover. He was hungover because he was writing a song that sucked. He notices it is bright. He asks her to describe the restaurant for him. 

Malik's mother says he has to be home by 6 because she has a night shift, so he won't be able to go to his friend's party.

Miguel helps Jack get a sports coat. Jack says he just got back from Nam and hasn't landed a job yet. Miguel says somehow his number didn't get called. He tells Jack to take the coat and bring it back next week.

In the Middle East, the soldiers pat down a Muslim woman, then Cassidy says put a guard on the door. He rcommanding officer gives her five minutes.She goes in and the woman is worried about her child. Cassidy needs a photo of a bombmaker.

Outside a guard says if this dog keeps barking he's going to shoot it. He's told not to. The squadron leader gets word of enemy soldiers moving in.

Cassidy is still trying to negotiate. The woman with the baby wants water for her village. Cassidy says give me the photo,you have five seconds,etc. The woman produces the photo and promises her a visa.

Jack comes to meet Rebecca. She's sitting with her family. She meets Jack and won't kiss him in front of her family. She told them not to bring up Vietnam.

Malik's father is working as a mechanic and tells some guy he is too busy to talk to him. The guy says he gets he's a Boy Scout now.

Cassidy gets word that the village has been destroyed but the woman saved and will get her visa.

The blind guy comes home. He feels around the counter then almost sits on his keyboard. He turns it on and begins to play. He sings a song about a stranger, which play sover Cassidy riding in the back of a car and being applauded as she gets out and hugs her husband and son. She is staring into space as her son puts too much ketchup on his plate. 

The blind man kisses the waitress from the restaurant while the dog watches. The waitress wakes up and the guy proposes to her.

Rebecca's father will not stopping about the war. Rebecca's mom changes the subject. She assumes Jack is wealthy since he took off cross-country -- what do his parents do? Jack looks embarrassed He gets a stain on his coat and goes to clean it up. Rebecca confronts her dad.

The same guy compliments Malik on his work. Malik wants to get involved in the guy's business but the guy turns him down because of who his dad is. Malik says he's raising a kid of his own and she's special and he can't afford the best schools for her. He needs to earn real money. The guy says he'll call him and goes.

Jack tells himself in the bathroom to breathe and then finally comes back. He says he never had lobster before. He tells them how he used to take care of Nicky when he was little and Nicky died in Vietnam. He was sorry he made a bad first impression with the road trip but he was sticking around and would make a better one.

Cassidy comes home. Her husband asks if she's been drinking. She says she needed a few after a day of job hunting. Her husband asks if she drove home drunk. She doesn't want a lecture. They start arguing about bills and the mail on the counter. He says he's taking care of everything and doesn't know what's going on when she won't talk to him.  She has a flashback (PTSD?) while her husband is talking. Her son tries to grab her arm and she screams STOP and hits him. He runs to his father and he tells her to get out of this house.

Rebecca's father says Jack made a bunch of fans. He says Jack is not good enough for Rebecca and he will stop it.

Lucy tells her husband she's pregnant, and her career isn't in place so how is this going to work? They kiss anyway.

Cassidy goes to the VA and fills out a questionnaire.

Malik's father has a sore shoulder as he takes Malik home. He talks to him about responsibility and how he didn't like it either and went down the wrong path when he became a father, and then he had to set a good example and he changed. He says don't think about it, he will watch the baby so Malik can go to his friend's barbecue.

Rebecca tells Jack she used to sing at this place all the time. It's open mic night and the manager asks her to sing. Rebecca declines but Jack says yes.

Cassidy talks about her drinking and how she is separated and her life is at a standstill. She says when she hit her son, she couldn't blame PTSD or alcohol or Uber. It was the cost of a water heater, that brought her back. She flashes back to the villagers being given $1200 each as a condolence payment. SHe can't believe that that was the price of a life... some other drunk guy breaks a window.

In the future, it is someone's birthday but Rebecca keeps telling Kevin to wait for Kate and Toby. Kevin gets a call. It's Nicky. He got arrested and gave Kevin's number for the bail.

At the barbecue, Malik meets Deja and is happy to make a burger for her.

Deja comes in late. Randall sees her smiling.

Lucy and her boyfriend talk about the baby and then we jump in time and Kate and Toby are taking baby Jack home. The doctor says nothing has changed and Jack's eyesight will not return.

In the future, Jack is playing for a cheering crowd.

Kate and Toby look at baby Jack.

Rebecca dedicates a song to Jack Sr.

Jack (Kate and Toby's Jack) sings.

Kate and Toby come in and look at Rebecca. Kate shakes her head.

Cassidy looks at the drunk guy (Nicky).

Malik piks up his baby.

Randall cuts the birthday cake.

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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

[Jack and Rebecca kiss]
Rebecca: I'm not calling you first.
Jack: I'm not calling YOU first.

Rebecca: How long have I been out?
Jack: Just a few minutes.
Rebecca: Great third date. Isn't it crazy? A few weeks ago I was in a bar looking at a cute guy -- not you, you came later. But isn't it weird how meeting someone can change everything?