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Nicky sees a note from Kevin on his board and a VA meeting schedule while he is drinking. He goes to the VA and meets Dr. Miranda Ruiz. Later he gets a photo of baby Jack.

Nicky has trouble talking in therapy. He goes outside with her and talks about how he almost went to Canada with his brother once but didn't.

Just as Nicky is starting to build rapport with Dr. Ruiz, she is transferred away and he throws the chair over while talking to her, then goes home and drinks. That is when he breaks the window and gets arrested.

When Kevin shows up Nicky again says he doesn't need him to come.

On the first day of junior high Rebecca gets on Randall for eating too fast. Kevin wants a cucumber for a me day. Kate is wondering whether Cindy Crawford is pretty. Jack compliments her and Rebecca, who has been working out.

Randall meets a teacher he's excited to get to know -- a black teacher.

In the present, Beth is excited about her new flyers for her dance school. Tess seems upset. She says she's not nervous. An article in the paper says Randall is unhinged because he takes his door off. Randall hopes he doesn't seem crazy to voters. 

After Toby leaves for work, some neighbor shows up and yells at Kate not to let Toby park on the sidewalk or he will have the car towed.

Jack looks at a photo of the family while at work. Miguel tells him that someone forgot to schedule a water line inspection and they have to tear apart the project and start again. Miguel is sure whoever it was will be fired. It was Jack.

Kevin tries to advocate for Nicky, who may be facing 10 years in prison for throwing the chair through the window. Anyway if he shows he is committed to continuing treatment he could have his sentence reduced. Nicky has to have an evaluation and will be on probation.

SOme of Randall's staff disapproves of the article. A lot of people are waiting to talk to him.

After class the teacher writes Randall up for wearing Air Jordans which isn't in line with the dress code.

Randall has an anxiety attack. Meanwhile, TOby and Kate go to lunch with his co-workers. Kate cannot fit in the booth. Toby tries to tell the maitre'd they need another table because of the vent. When that doesn't work, Kate says tearfully she is too big to fit in a booth.

Jack's boss fires him.

12-year-old Kate walks in on Rebecca exercising and tries to exercise with her. Kevin won't answer the phone because he says it's his me time and he has cucumbers on his eyes but he does anyway. It's Randall, he's freaking out and wants to talk to Rebecca. Kevin tells REbecca he's going to his friend Dylan's and says he will meet Randall at school.

The adult Kevin waits for Nicky and tries to get the vending machine to work. He runs into Cassidy's son, who says the machine is broken and he has to use one around a corner. Cassidy's son befriends Kevin. They play Mario Cart together. Cassidy comes out of her session and is not happy that 40-year-old Kevin is hanging out with her kid. It doesn't help that Nicky comes out and she realizes he's the guy who threw the chair.

Kevin goes to check in with Dr. Patterson. Patterson will recommend Nicky get services but doesn't think he wants help.

Randall talks with a bunch of constituents. It is time for his meeting. A guy comes in and says he had to walk 20 blocks because the bus was late. Randall agrees to see him. He tells his campaign manager to apologize to the other councilmen for his lateness.

Toby thinks everything went great. Kate tells him to take his shirt off. He doesn't want to but she insists. He takes off his shirt and is all muscular. Kate says she's been so focused on Jack she hasn't seen him undressed. Toby admits he's been going to the gym and doing cross-fit. He didn't want her to feel bad about not being able to go to the gym or stick to a diet. He says he had a heart attack at age 38 and Jack's life would be challenging enough without him dying young. Kate says like his mom might?

Miguel fnds out Jack was fired and stands up to the boss despite Jack's nervousness about it. Miguel threatens to quit too.

Rebecca thinks the workout was fun. She goes to get water and Kate weighs herself, disappointed that she hasn't lost weight.

The neighbor yells at Kate again. She cries about Toby and is not in the mood for his stupid curb drama. The neighbor says he had a massive stroke two years ago and had to relearn everything and then lost his job. He just wants to walk a mile and Toby's car is blocking the sidewalk/

Beth has made dinner and is ready to hear about everyone's day. Deja gets a text and leaves. Beth asks if Tess made any new friends. Tess says it was an average day.

Deja comes out and meets Malik. He wonders if she heard anything about him at school? Malik tells her he has a six-month old and he didn't want to tell her over text. He says the mother's parents wanted to put the baby up for adoption but he and his family didn't want that so they got her.

Nicky is drinking. Kevin gives him tough love. Nicky says at least if he goes to jail Kevin won't be there to bust his balls. Kevin yells at him and then says that Nicky is coming with him to a meeting.

Kevin comes to see Randall who says he was out of dress code. Kevin is sarcastic and Randall is super upset. Kevin forges Rebecca's signature. Randall is freaking out.

Adult Randall has taken care of the issue. Bernice complains about the time. Randall finds out that she ordered the door put back on its hinges. Randall kicks everyone else out and tells Bernice he is the councilman. She thinks he is not acting like a politician and needs to put the other councilpeople above his constituents. She thinks he should fire his campaign manager.

Kate and Toby have an awkward conversation while he is doing laundry. He's sorry he kept the gym from her. Kate said it just took her by surprise because she's gaining weight while he's losing it. They promise no more secrets.

Kevin is glad Nicky came to the meeting. Of course Kevin runs into Cassidy. SHe doesn't want him to sit next to her.

Tess is reading a book. Deja comes in. She tells Tess about Malik having a baby. SHe doesn't know if she likes him or not.

Tess also has a problem. She lied and pretended to be straight when sitting at lucnh with a girl. She wants to talk to Beth but it's harder now. Deja says Randall and Beth are there whether they talk to them or not and that's really cool.

12 year old Randall talks to Kevin. Kevin asks him if he's okay now? Kate comes in and asks if he had a heart attack. Kevin says maybe it's puberty. Kate tells the boys she kissed Stewart. SHe wonders if they'd ever like a girl bigger than them? 

Miguel gets a call from Jack. Jack says if they were gonna say mushy things, this would be one of those times. If Miguel ever needs anything, he'd better not go to anyone but him.  He hangs up and Kevin comes in. 

Jack and Rebecca come in on Kate and Randall watching Aresenio Hall together. Jack says they can tonight.

Everyone is gone when Randall gets to the dinner except Jay. Randall fired Bernice.

KEvin talks at the meeting about the technique he uses to help him not to drink. Cassidy starts laughing during Kevin's big speech. So does Nicky. The group leader tells them to calm down or leave. That segues into the kids laughing at Aresenio Hall.

The next morning, Kate takes the baby and walks with the neighbor. 

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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

The things that happened, you can't go back from. They make you less human.


Dr. Ruiz: Therapy works better if you talk.
Nicky: This is a sad, little room. How's that?