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Nicky is here to see his namesake and the other baby. He says he has been vaccinated and gets tested twice a week and didn't eat or pee on the plane. Kevin is touched that Nicky came to see the kids.

We see earlier when Nicky called Cassidy and asked her how to use Amazon. He bought some figurines and painted them. Then he got his first COVID vaccine.

In the past, Nicky was building a model of the lunar module and his father didn't know what it was. Jack comes in. Father feels a need to call Nicky a girl as they are watching the moon landing.

Later, Nicky offers Jack a beer but Jack is heading home. Jack encourages Nicky to move out on his own. Nicky isn't interested but is worried about getting drafted. He says the father is much better with his mom when he's around. Jack thinks Nicky should at least have a girlfriend. Nicky tells him about Sally.

Nicky In the present, Nicky is worried about Cassidy's wrapping. He won't tell her what the gifts are. Cassidy is proud of him. He thanks her.

We see a younger Nicky get a call from a platoon mate who wants to get together for drinks while he's in town. Jack will be there. Nicky hasn't seen Jack in years. The guy gives him the address anyway. Nicky hangs up and drinks a beer.

Lng-haired Nicky is trying to get a big dog named Pumpkin into the bath. Sally comes and offers to help. Sally turns on the water and calls Pumpkin to her. She and Nicky bathe the dog together.

Sally asks Nicky if he saw the moon landing. Nicky talks about the return to Earth in a few days. Sally invites him to come see the moon with her. He is very nervous and turns her down. Jack comes in and introduces himself. He rambles about how Sally and Nicky should go out. Sally asks Nicky out.

Cassidy warns Nicky about the security at the airport while she is driving him. He doesn't want to tell Kevin he's coming in case he chickens out.

Nicky sets off the security alarms. Also the agent insists on eating the perfectly wrapped present and says he can't bring snow globes on the plane -- too much liquid. Nicky freaks out and breaks the snow globes trying to dump the liquid out of them.

Sally scares Nicky by honking her van at him. She offers for him to go inside the van with her. Nicky crosses himself before he does. He loves her photographs. Sally asks him why he loves the moon. He says it's always there but different every night.

There is a montage of Nicky and Sally's kisses. Nicky says he's falling in love with her. Sally comes to dinner and compliments the mother's cooking. The father seems unhappy. Later Sally wants to take a photo of the brothers with the steak for 50 years from now.

Post-Vietnam Nicky looks at the photo in the car and practices telling Jack he's better now, but decides not to go to the event and drives away.

A woman tries to talk to Nicky on the plane.

Nicky and Sally look at the moon. Sally has a flyer for Woodstock. She wants Nicky to come with her. Also she wants to go to California with him and live on her sister's farm for a while.

Post-Vietnam Nicky watches as Jack reunites with the military guys.

Jack asks for advice proposing to Rebecca. He feels bad that he lied and said he wasn't in combat and Nicky died in the war. He doesn't know how to tell her the truth now.  Sheenan talks about not getting lost in your memories from Vietnam while Nicky sits in his car.

Jack gets Nicky a suitcase and asks if their parents know Nicky is leaving. Nicky says he was planning on sneaking out. He didn't want to tell them until he got there in case he got cold feet. Jack thinks Nicky will have the time of his life. Nicky is worried about not fitting in in CA and that Sally will dump him too. Jack says he'll be fine.

Nicky and the dad watch the return of the astronauts. Father starts talking about Pearl Harbor and how everything changed.  Nicky stands Sally up and a cop tells her to move her van.

Post-Vietnam Nicky watches Jack walking through the parking lot with a ring. Jack disappears and Nicky never says a word.

Present day Nicky says it was nothing to come here. Madison is ready for bed. Nicky realizes his impromptu visit is weird. Madison is glad he is here. She goes. Kevin can't wait for Nicky to meet the babies. And he wants to take Nicky to the dog park with the kids.  Kevin said you have to figure out what you want the kids should call him. Nicky seems upset. Kevin says he'll make Nicky's bed for him now.

Later, Nicky lies in bed seemingly freaking out. He calls Cassidy. It's 4 AM her time. He thinks this was a mistake. Maybe he should just sneak out while Kevin is asleep. Cassidy tells him Jack would have been proud of him. He finally made it to California.

Nicky goes to see the babies and apologizes about the gifts he broke. He got them John Grisham novels instead. He jotted some things down for them in the book. He talks about how he has been scared and alone his whole life but these two are his moon. HE just wants them to call him Uncle Nicky.

Later, Kevin looks in on Nicky asleep in a chair in the twins' room. He finds the book and the photo of Jack and Nicky from years ago.

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This Is Us Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Nick, there is a guy walking on the moon right now. Come on. Ask Sally out. If he can do it, you can do it?


Kevin: Uncle Nicky, what are you doing here?
Nicky: I came to see my namesake. And the girl.