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We see that all-too-familiar-by-now shot of the car on fire.

Middle-school Jack is getting ready for a baseball game. His dad tells him he can't be late. He prays.

Meanwhile, middle-school Kevin is practicing his plays as he gets ready. Jack comes in and asks if he's set. Kevin has just finished packing. Jack is ready to go.

Kevin is practicing his lines. He is supposed to be a lawyer of some sort. He gets a call from Kate. Her baby's mom is about to be induced.

Kevin is about to do his big scene with Deniro when he gets a call from Madison that she is in labor. He tells the director and starts worrying. The director is sure it will be fine. Kevin thinks he should leave and go to her. The director said he'll try to move quickly with this scene and Kevin can go home tomorrow. Kevin says he's sorry but he has to go right now.

Middle school Jack goes with has dad to the game.

Jack goes with Kevin to his training camp.

Madison tells Kevin these are real contractions. Kevin says he will get to her, just hang in there.

Young Jack is dejected. His dad is hard on him that the other team won. He says Jack is making excuses. Jack can tell his dad is drunk. His dad is offended and gives Jack (who looks too young to drive) the keys.

Jack starts telling Kevin how he used to be a baseball player. Kevin looks at the pamphlet and says football camp is super expensive. Jack says that when Kevin gets a football scholarship it will be worth it.

Kevin can't get a flight today. He's distracted by his phone ringing and almost crashes. He almost gets into another accident while talking with Rebecca and Miguel who are trying to find him a flight. His agent keeps calling. Agent wants Kevin to come back tomorrow. Kevin says no. Madison calls. She's waiting for a room. She's not in active labor. Kevin is upset that the room isn't ready for her. He almost gets into yet another crash because he's looking at the card for the hospital not the road and drifts into oncoming traffic.

Now Kevin gets the call from Randall first seen on This Is Us Season 5 Episode 6.

The director calls and wants Kevin to come back. Kevin angrily quits on him.

Teenage Jack is very nervous. He can't even get the car to start.

Jack and Kevin enter the hotel. The coach introduces Kevin to two guys from Penn State. Kevin looks nervous and throws up in the toilet.

Kevin has still not got a flight. Madison calls and says the babies are ready to be born, fully cooked. But she is in labor. They are coming. The doctor comes in to shift the babies. Madison has to go. She hangs up before Kevin can finish saying he's here if she needs anything.

Miguel has gotten a flight for Kevin in Seattle. Boards in 2 hours. Kevin says he is gonna make it. He wants to talk to Rebecca. He loses the signal while talking to her. He sees a car in the bushes and stops to check it out.

Jack's father rants about how Jack is too stuck in his head. He wants him to drive faster. He goes on about how this was a waste of money. Jack yells at him to shut up.

Jack gets Kevin some water. Kevin says he ate too many sloppy Joes. Jack asks what's going on. Kevin is worried he's gonna suck tomorrow. What if he's not that good at football? Then he'll have nothing. Jack says what are you talking about? Kevin says he only has football and that the coach calls him stupid every day. Jack says let's go get some food.  Kevin thinks he should go to bed

Kevin can't get a signal and decides he's gonna get the guy out of the car which is in flames himself.  He gets him out but the guy passes out. Kevin makes a tourniquet. He gets the guy to his car but has dropped his wallet on the ground.

Jack takes Kevin to the hotel bar and gets steaks, onion rings, and Cokes. Kevin says this place is pretty cool. Jack tells Kevin football is not the only thing he had. He tells him that the only thing his own dad ever showed up for was his games and he made them a living hell, getting drunker every inning. If he won at least he was a happy drunk. But if they lost... he'd pray before every game cause a good game meant a good car ride home. Baseball became all about his dad and every pitch he threw he could hear his dad's voice telling him not to screw it up etc. Kevin didn't know he was like that.  Jack says his dad wasn't all bad.

Jack's dad compliments his driving and asks him for the keys.

Jack tells Kevin that even after they're long gone you're stuck with them. He'd promised himself to be nothing like his dad but now he's putting all this pressure on Kevin. Kevin says Jack is way better than his own dad. Jack tells Kevin he will be way better than him.

The coach is at another table. Jack announces he's going to the bathroom.

Jack goes to the bathroom to see the coach. He warns him that he's watching him. Don't call my boy stupid.

Coach is nice to Kevin. Jack comes back and Kevin asks if Jack said something to him. Jack says he didn't.

Kevin tries to call Madison and gets her voicemail. He has a story to tell her. He thinks he'll make his flight. The passenger wakes up and recognizes Kevin. Kevin tries to keep the guy talking and awake.  The guy says he has three teens and the babies will not remember being born. Kevin will be their idol. Kevin says being rich and famous doesn't matter. Being there does. His dad was always there.

Kevin makes it to the airport and discovers he has no ID. He tries to tell the TSA rep what happened. He tries to pull the Kevin Pearson famous card. Doesn't work. TSA can't let him on the flight. Kevin says he can't start off not being there for him.

There is a flashback of Kevin and Jack playing football in their hotel room. Kevin tells the TSA agent he can't start off not being there. Please get him on the flight.

Madison is dilated to three centimeters.  She is upset because she is doing this alone. The doctor suggests she call someone. She's not close to anyone in her family. Hopefully, Kevin is on a plane but she can't reach him.  The doctor promises to come back soon. She leaves and Madison takes off her mask. Her phone rings. It's Randall and Beth. They wanted to see if she needs anything. He offers to stay on the phone with her. Madison says she's fine. Randall tells her she is family. She cries. Madison says it will be really nice if they stay on the phone



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This Is Us Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Kevin: I told them to go easy on the chocolate covered strawberries. I wasn't sure what the best gift was for when the birth mother of your twin sister's babies is about to be induced.
Kate: It's actually a Tesla.
Kevin: They were all out of chocolate-covered Teslas.

Hey, they say there's gonna be two QBs from Penn State there. You do good this weekend, chances are you're gonna be the next Terry Bradshaw.