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In the past, little Kevin wants to go on the diving board but he doesn't know how to swim yet. Jack says let's do something about that.

Kate and Randall go searching for college-age Kevin. He's drunk and at the closed pool. He wants to dive off and touch the drain.

In the present, while listening to Rebecca saying to take risks, Kevin is listening closely and remembering being a child at the pool.

Kevin tells Randall he is off to start his fearless best life, whatever that is.

Kevin plays the guitar for the twins in an attempt to get them to go to sleep. He tells Kate he never gets the kids to go to sleep. Kate advises him to parent with confidence. Later, Kevin tries to get the twins to eat. At work he tells his co-stars he's taking the twins to see the cabin. The co-workers -- and Kate -- think that this isn't a good idea.

Kevin takes the kids on a plane. One of them needed a diaper change. Kevin jokes about celebrities being like the rest of us. THe other passengers don't know who he is. He offers to buy everyone drinks, but they're in first class so they all get free drinks anyway.

Kevin arrives at the cabin. The babies are asleep. Nicky couldn't believe Kevin actually made it. Nicky ignores Kevin's advice and picks up one of the babies.

Edie greets Kevin as well. Kevin asks if Nicky is holding Edie against her will. There's a jackhammer going, which upsets Kevin. He goes to the site to see what's going on and find Cassidy. Cassidy is operating the jackhammer. Cassidy is using vets as construction workers. She and Nicky laugh at the idea of Kevin being a movie star. Cassidy doesn't take Kevin's BS. Nicky tells Kevin that everyone is busting their ass for him and that Kevin is an idiot for not flying a nanny out here with him.

Kevin and Cassidy get in each other's way in the kitchen. Kevin apologizes for how he treated Cassidy.

They all eat together and Matty helps feed one of the babies. Later, they play Monopoly with Matty.  Kevin recalls playing as a child with his family. Matty wants to play guitar with Kevin. Edie says she will find them real music. She puts on jazz and asks Nicky to dance with her.

Kevin's phone rings in the middle of the night. The person tells him something about a car accident.

Jack tells Kevin he has to pass the swim test before he goes on the diving board. He tells Kevin to swim to the wall. Kevin inhales a lot of water. Rebecca tells Jack to get Kevin. Kevin runs off upset.

College age Kevin always wanted to touch the drain and now he has and feels nothing. He says he doesn't belong in the deep end.  He should quit acting and get a job like Jack had.

Cassidy has been in a car accident. The nurse won't tell them anything. Kevin worries that Cassidy relapsed. The ER  doctor says Cassidy is fine, just a few broken bones, and she has refused painkillers. They're keeping her overnight.

Kevin is relieved that Cassidy is sober and refusing pain meds. Nicky gets on him about how Cassidy was in human intelligence in Afghanistan. He says people like her don't give you a heads-up when they're not okay.  Kevin wants to stay at the hospital but isn't sure he's the right person to help Cassidy. Nicky advises him not to try to help, to just be.

Kevin sleeps in an uncomfortable hospital chair and looks at the get well cards in the gift shop.He buys a card and flowers and tells some guy across from him that he decided to stay here because he has no friends elsewhere. He won't leave even to get coffee. He asks do you ever feel like you're performing in a movie no one else is watching? He wants to be the kind of man who does the right thing because it's the right thing to do. But how do you know if you are that person? The guy says he's just waiting on his wife. A nurse tells Kevin he can see Cassidy now. Kevin leaves the flowers behind.

Kevin tells Rebecca that Jack tried to drown him. Rebecca tells him that Jack wants him to be safe and that's why he wants Kevin to learn how to swim before he dives. Rebecca says Jack is really good at building things, including character, and Kevin should listen. Kevin says he's not like Dad. Rebecca says he's just like him.

Kate tells Kevin he really is shallow and stupid but he will figure things out someday.

In the present, Kevin sits by Cassidy's bedside. He says Edie and Nicky are watching Matty. He promises not to bug her with questions, just to sit here. Cassidy tells him that she hasn't slept well since returning from Afghanistan so sometimes she goes for a drive. Things are heavy for her sometimes, especially when Matty is with his dad. But last night was really nice. She wanted it to last forever but she knew it wouldn't. She went for a drive because she couldn't sleep and then she got really tired and she kept driving anyway. (Possibly trying to commit suicide, it's not fully clear)

Kevin is on the phone while taking care of one of the babies. Edie takes the baby. Kevin goes to tell Matty that Matty's dad is on the way and is going to take him to see Cassidy in the hospital before going home. Matty wonders if Cassidy looks bad. Kevin reassures him she doesn't. He suggests they make a card together. Matty says he's not good at painting. Kevin says you don't have to be. Matty helps Kevin paint something for Cassidy.

Cassidy's ex comes to get Matty. He and Kevin hesitantly shake hands.

Kevin goes and checks in with the construction workers.

Cassidy insists she'll be fine. Nicky says he spoke to the VA and found a counselor for her -- the same one he spoke with.

Kevin tells the twins that Grandpa used to love to sit out here and take in the world. Building the house was a pipe dream for him but he would have done it if he had the time.

Nicky brings Cassidy back to the cabin. Kevin has set up a room for her. Nicky finds a drawing. Kevin says the crew built schools in war zones. He wants to hire a few more of them. What if he got them more homes to build? Nicky said how much money you got?

Kevin takes the twins home. He seems to be much more comfortable with taking care of them on the plane. A woman in the next seat smiles at him.

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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Kate: Are you insane? At least do some trial runs first.
Kevin: I'm taking the kids to the cabin. And it's not like I'll be alone. Uncle Nicky will be there. He's family.
Randall: Nicky? That's your ace in the hole?

Kevin: I want to jump off the diving board and touch the drain.
Jack: Once more for those in the cheap seats, you need to learn to swim first.