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We see a young Miguel with his friends, speaking Spanish. He goes home, where his parents are whispering about looking for jobs and going to stay with an aunt while Miguel takes food. His father tells him in Spanish they will be moving to Pennsylvania.

It's 5:30 AM in the present/future. Miguel gets up and takes some pills. He recalls talking to his doctor. He apparently had a hip replacement as well as high blood pressure. His doctor wants him to take tests that he says he doesn't have time for. He helps Rebecca get up and they have breakfast together. A nurse comes in and Rebecca doesn't recognize her. Miguel won't let the nurse help Rebecca with her exercises. Miguel gets calls from the Big Three, including from Kevin who says he's paying a lot for the nurse so Miguel should let her help.

As a child, Miguel watches his father prune trees in the garden.  He has to use the bathroom and is told not to touch anything.  He looks around a big, empty house and finds an old man watching a ball game. The man gives him a baseball he got at a game. Tell your dad to take you.

Little Miguel practices English with a recording that says America is the greatest land of all.

Middle aged Miguel applies for a job using the name Mike Rivers. He is hired when the interviewer learns he speaks Spanish and tells him that his name is Miguel. He used the Anglicized version of his name when his resume with his legal name got no responses.

At home, Miguel's parents encourage him to save and to come around more often. His father warns him not to forget where he came from now that he is successful. Miguel says in Spanish that his father moved them here and told him to learn English and fit in but now doesn't want him to be successful. Miguel decides to leave.

Miguel goes to a party where Jack and Rebecca are. Miguel says Rebecca hates him. Jack doesn't think so. He asks to see Miguel's car and tells Rebecca and Miguel to talk amongst themselves. Rebecca wants to know why Miguel uses people's names so much. He says it's a business trick that most people like. Rebecca finds it annoying.

Since Rebecca is busy with Jack, Miguel goes to the bar and introduces himself to a woman named Shelley. He and Shelley get married and have kids but Shelley gets mad at Miguel for not being like Jack.

Present day Miguel dreams of when he was playing football as a young man. He awakens and can't find Rebecca. He hears her laughing and finds her outside dancing in the snow in her nightgown and no coat. He falls trying to get her back in the house and hurts himself. Rebecca laughs and says this is fun. Miguel says they have to get in the house.

Inside as they sit by the fire, Miguel recalls Rebecca telling him that Jack died and also telling her that he is moving to Houston to be near his kids.

Younger Miguel calls his kids and keeps leaving messages. His mom calls. He finds out his father has died. When he goes to the wake his family makes fun of him in Spanish. He goes inside and his mother tells him that his father died proud of him.

Miguel's mother must put an elderly relative to bed. Miguel doesn't know how she does it. She says she hated Gabi growing up because they fought over everything. She thought her sister was faking her headaches until she had a massive stroke at the age of 24.

Miguel tells his mother how he is lost. She says she knows he will find someone to love. He wishes he had a recipe from his father.

Miguel finds Rebecca on Facebook several years later and congratulates her on the birth of her first grandchild. Rebecca writes back to ask how he is.

It is Thanksgiving again and Randall and Kevin come to the cabin. Beth and the girls are coming tomorrow. Miguel is in a lot of pain when Randall hughs him. Miguel asks Rebecca if she will be okay while he goes to get Tylenol. He leaves and a second later Rebecca forgets where Miguel went and panics.

The younger Miguel texts back and forth with Rebecca. He talks to her on the phone and she reveals that Matt was boring and she only went on a few dates with him. Miguel is coming to town and they decide to have dinner. Miguel tells her he has never felt at home anywhere but he was homesick when he left her. She kisses him.

They sleep together and she thinks his company should open a company in Pittsburgh. He is thinking of retiring. Rebecca wants him to retire and move in with her. Miguel says they never talk about Jack. He wonders what he'd think about all this. Rebecca thinks Jack would want them to be together. Also they have to tell the kids.

They plan to tell the kids over Thanksgiving. Rebecca is sure it's going to be fine. They are kissing when Kevin comes in.

Rebecca says they hooked up after Tess was born but she doesn't mean sex. Beth knew it. Everyone else was shocked. Kate says as long as you're happy. Kevin says he was Dad's best friend. Rebecca tells Kevin to act like an adult. Miguel points out they waited a long time. Kevin says Thanksgiving is canceled and he's taking the hat with him.

Rebecca and Miguel get married and Miguel says his vows in Spanish.

The nurse tells the Big Three about Miguel having fallen. He is putting on a brave face. Kevin tells Miguel they should talk.

The Big Three think that there should be a full time nurse on site. Miguel says that Rebecca does not respond well to strangers. He made a vow. And he has failed at everything else in his life. His parents. Shelly. He hasn't seen his son in 5 years. But he will not leave her side. Randall tells Miguel they aren't doing this to him. They are doing it for him. He's honored his vow but now it's time to get full time help.

The doctor is concerned about pain in Miguel's left arm.

Kevin helps Miguel and Rebecca one morning.

Miguel has a cane and comes up to Rebecca's bed.

Kevin goes to see Miguel's son. He tells him Miguel may not have a lot of time left. He doesn't want him to leave things unfinished.

Miguel's son comes to a family party. There is a montage of scenes that leads to Miguel's funeral, and then in the past, Rebecca asks Miguel for his story and he tells her in Spanish (and then in English) that he doesn't know but it's a good question. Ask him later.


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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Miguel: Want to see a game. No matter where you see it.
Man: Son. Where you sit is all that matters.

I told you we'd make it. From a little seed to our first bloom. One day at a time.