On This Is Us Season 6 Episode 4, Jack discovers his mother had a life he never knew about when he takes a road trip to Ohio for her funeral.

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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 4 revolves around the death of Jack's mother.

When Jack gets the news that his mother died, he insists on going to Ohio by himself. He feels it's too much with the kids and that they never really knew her anyway. Rebecca wants to go but he insists on doing this alone.

Jack arrives in Ohio, where his mom's cousin Debby has some choice words about him having stayed away for so long. She's made most of the arrangements but wants Jack to write a eulogy and pick a dress for Marilyn to be buried in. Jack also meets Marilyn's boyfriend, Mike, who he didn't know existed.

Jack is upset to discover his mother had a life he never knew about. He recalls that she was reluctant to come visit because his dad still lived in Pittsburgh and that she wanted him to bring the kids to Ohio to go ice skating. He has no idea what to put in his eulogy. He calls Rebecca, but she doesn't know what to say other than that she loves him.

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On This Is Us Season 6 Episode 4, when Jack receives news that his mother has died, he travels back to Ohio for the first time in many years.

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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Knowing my mom, I got a funeral to plan and a lifetime of loose ends to tie up. I think it's just better if I do this on my own.


Rebecca: How about this suit?
Jack: That's light gray. I need a black suit.
Rebecca: Maybe we can go to Kimbel's. But suits are so expensive.
Jack: Doesn't matter what the cost is. It's my mother's funeral.