On This Is Us Season 6 Episode 9, Kate and Toby face some hard truths when Kate visits Toby in San Francisco.

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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 9 revolves around Kate's attempt to save her marriage by visiting Toby in San Francisco.

When Kate decides to go to San Francisco for the weekend, she and Toby are both beyond excited. But the trip is marred by Toby's work commitments. He has to make work calls to Tokyo while Kate is visiting and there's a party at his boss' house they have to attend.

Kate confides to Madison that she misses the old Toby. Madison encourages her to have fun on the trip and re-discover Toby. She's sure he's in there somewhere.

In San Francisco, Kate imagines the old Toby making fun of Toby's fancy clothes while Toby is on a work call. Toby has all sorts of things planned for them the next day, but Kate doesn't want to do any of them. She just wants them to be spontaneous and see where the day takes them.

The two have a great time despite Toby having to take another work call while Kate is talking to the kids. But at the boss' party, Kate learns that Toby had an opportunity to take a job in LA and turned it down.

Kate confronts Toby. How could he make this decision without talking to her? She can tell he's happy in San Fran. He says she should want that for him. He also thinks she's happier in LA without him, but he thinks that the only way to save their marriage is if she and the kids move up here.

Kate goes for a walk and makes a decision.

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On This Is Us Season 6 Episode 9, with their marriage hitting difficult times due to the distance between them, Kate decides to visit Toby in San Francisco.

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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

You blow bubbles in the water all the time. Watch, Mommy's going to do it. to herself] Ooh... there's probably a lot of pee in this pool.


Kate: You know what's funny? Sometimes I imagine hanging out with old Toby.
Madison: Old Toby?
Kate: Yeah who he was before he lost all the weight and got this new job and fancy clothes.