On This Is Us Season 6 Episode 18, the Big Three spend a quiet day at home with their parents while in the present, they prepare for Rebecca's funeral.

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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 18 wraps up the series.

In the present, the Big Three are preparing for Rebecca's funeral. Randall struggles to figure out the right words to say for Rebecca's eulogy, causing Beth to play worst case scenario one last time. Randall insists he will be fine. After the funeral, however, he says that everything seems pointless. He spent his whole life worrying about losing Rebecca and now she's gone. Deja tells him that she found out the sex of the baby. It's a boy and will be named after William, who she never met. Randall is excited.

Meanwhile, Toby tells Kate that her mother was proud of her, so is he, and that he loves her. Even though their marriage didn't work out, if Doc Brown showed up right now he'd still go to that meeting where they met. Similarly, Nicky tells Kevin that before Kevin found him, he didn't care about anything.

In the past, Rebecca and Jack spend a quiet Saturday with the pre-teen Big Three. Randall and Kevin seem to be in moods, while Kate just wants to spend time together.

Back to the present. Kate tells the others that she's afraid they will drift apart now that Rebecca is gone but they promise to all stick together because they are the Big Three.

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On This Is Us Season 6 Episode 18, the Pearsons remember Rebecca at her funeral and we share memories with them one last time as the series wraps up.

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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

Beth: I think we need to bang out a worst case scenario.
Randall: About what?
Beth: You.

I really wish I had spent more time appreciating it when it was happening instead of worrying about when it would all end.