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Wyatt pays a late-night visit to Lucy's house, to tell her about his plan to steal the Lifeboat with Rufus. He's going back to 1983 to make sure his wife's killer, Wes Gilliam, is never born, by keeping his parents from meeting. He wants Lucy to tell Agent Christopher everything after he's gone back. Wyatt arrives too late to intercept Gilliam's mother, Claire, but finds out where she's staying. Anthony calls looking for Rufus, then asks for Lucy, then arranges a meeting with her. He says he has a plan to end the competing missions. Wyatt tries to charm Claire at a bar. They're stuck at the bar because of a tornado in the area. Rufus tries to distract the killer's dad, the bartender Joel. Lucy is wearing a tracker, but Anthony finds and removes it. Anthony tells Lucy that Rittenhouse wants to change history even more than Flynn has, and his plan is to destroy the mother ship. A group of stewardesses come into the bar, including the one that told Wyatt where to find Claire, and Joel sends him away. So Wyatt's new plan is to kidnap Joel. Lucy tells Christopher the plan, and convinces her to participate. Christopher shows Lucy her photo of Cahill, the Rittenhouse official, and she recognizes him as her father. Wyatt punches out a drunk, which draws the attention of a nearby cop, who sees Wyatt's gun and arrests him. Claire and Joel have gone to her room. Wyatt grabs Joel, who runs away from him in the storm, falls, bashes his head on the curb and dies. Wyatt returns, but Jessica is still dead, although the other two women Gilliam killed are alive. There's an explosion, but all that's found is Anthony's body. Lucy goes to visit Cahill, who tells her she's involved with Rittenhouse already. 

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Timeless Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Rufus: What kind of clothes did you pick out?
Wyatt: I don't know. Something shiny.
Rufus: Are there parachute pants in that bag?

Lucy: Do you know how much trouble you're going to get into? That's insane.
Wyatt: That's an understatement.