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The trio goes back to May 22, 1934, is search for the Rittenhouse key, which Flynn is trying to acquire. They're debating about whether to tell Agent Christopher about Rittenhouse. Bonnie and Clyde enter to rob the bank where Lucy and Wyatt are visiting. Lucy spies the key around Bonnie's neck. Disguised as a bounty hunter, Flynn has hooked up with the lawmen chasing the outlaws. So Lucy and Wyatt help Bonnie and Clyde escape. Lucy and Wyatt pass themselves off as fellow robbers.The cops are suspicious of Rufus and pick him up, and Flynn sics Texas Ranger Frank Hamer onto him. Bonnie and Clyde tell Lucy and Wyatt about their history, and Wyatt tells the story about how he proposed. Then Wyatt kisses Lucy. Clyde explained that he stole the key from Henry Ford. The key has Latin writing on it, which Lucy translates as "The key to medieval time and the key to the end of time.". A member of the outlaws' gang, Henry Methvin, snitches on them. Conner tells Cahill that Christopher is getting close to Rittenhouse, and Cahill threatens to have her killed. Wyatt is about to steal Bonnie's necklace when there's a knock on the door, and it's Methvin. Rufus uses his recorder to prove Henry was the snitch, then the cops attacked the cabin, killing Bonnie and Clyde, with Flynn taking the key. Upon their return, the trio tells Christopher nothing about the key. Lucy and Wyatt both downplay the kiss afterward. Christopher drops in on Rufus to find out where the money for Mason's time-share project comes from, and she knows quite a lot already. Rufus agrees to tell Christopher everything he knows about Rittenhouse. Flynn breaks into a museum and uses the key to steal a scroll from an antique clock.

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Timeless Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

We've stolen, what, a half a dozen cars on these trips. We're like hardened car thieves by now.
Wyatt; If they don't want us to borrow them, they shouldn't leave the keys in them.


You should let [Noah] be with who he is supposed to be with.

Wyatt [to Lucy]