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Wyatt visits with the man that Flynn said killed his wife. Lucy dreams about her missing sister. Jiya is being trained to replace Rufus in six months. The trio follows Flynn back to 1872, on the day when Jessie James is about to be killed by his men. Flynn saves him. Flynn hires James to serve him as a guide to find the person he's seeking. The trio recruits Bass Reeves, the black marshal that the Lone Ranger is based upon. Reeves agrees as long as they capture, not kill, the outlaws. Reeves' fellow lawman, the Indian Grant Johnson, joins them. Flynn and James find themselves surrounded by Indians. The trio and Reeves come upon a group of dead Indians. All three of the trio express doubts about what they're doing. Flynn's target is Emma Whitmore, the first Lifeboat pilot, now living in a log cabin in Indian territory. Jiya has recovered the old mission tapes, including those including Whitmore. Flynn ends up giving James his assault rifle, to get rid of him, as he and Whitmore leave. Rufus discovers Whitmore's old uniform. James opens fire on the posse in the cabin, and Grant gets killed. Wyatt slips out and wings James, but Reeves wants to arrest him instead, before Lucy shoots James. Reeves rides off, disgusted. Mason threatens Jiya for hacking into the mission logs. Wyatt tries to recruit Rufus to steal the time machine and help save his wife.

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Timeless Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

What part of 'Jesse James is killing people' don't you understand? People are dying that aren't supposed to, and the longer he's alive, the more he's going to mess up history. And since when am I the one who's worried about messing up history?

Wyatt [to Rufus]

Mason: What did you think would happen? That you'd get on your proud little soap box, make a speech and they'd just slink away into the darkness?
Rufus: Please don't do this.
Mason: You asked me to pick a side. Well, I did. Now I suggest you reconsider your allegiances, because once she's trained, you become expendable.