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Rufus and Jiya are hanging out playing video games, when a drunk Mason crashes their date. Mason tells Rufus that Rittenhouse knows that he's been tampering with the recorders. The trio is sent back to 1780, to find out what Flynn wants with Benedict Arnold. They get caught by Washington and his troops. Flynn, playing a Prussian spy, walks in on them, and says he needs their help. Their mission is to go capture Arnold and bring him back alive. The letter Flynn got from the clock reveals that Arnold was a Rittenhouse member, and he wants Arnold's help to stop Rittenhouse at its beginning. He offers the trio the end to Rittenhouse and their missions through time and the name of Wyatt's wife' Jessica's killer to cooperate with him. The four pretend to defect to the British. Flynn kills Cornwallis and another soldier, then captures Arnold, who tells of meeting David Rittenhouse. Flynn wants an introduction to Rittenhouse, in order for Arnold to save his wife. The trio decides to go along with killing Rittenhouse, in order to save hundreds of lives. Rufus isn't brought in to meet Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse knows that the quartet is there to kill him. Rittenhouse kills Arnold. Rittenhouse plans to kill Wyatt and Flynn in front of his son John, Rufus busts in, and they overpower the opposition. Flynn kills David Rittenhouse, but his son escapes, with Flynn in pursuit. Flynn finds the boy, but can't bring himself to kill him. Then Lucy protects the boy so Flynn can't kill him. Lucy preaches choice to Flynn, while the boy escapes again. Flynn returns to the future with Lucy.

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Timeless Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

I just wanted to turn a wrench, make my mother's life a little easier. Like you.

Mason [to Rufus]

As hard as it must be for you to remember your sister, what's worse for me is that your mother doesn't. She has a daughter she doesn't even know existed.

Christopher [to Lucy]