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Lucas is a RIttenhouse sleeper agent in Hollywood. He's a producer at RKO. Lucy doesn't know why the Mothership went to Los Angeles in 1941. So she and Christopher go to see Flynn, who has gotten stabbed by an inmate he in turn killed. Lucy promises to get him out if he helps them. Flynn's drawn clue leads them to Paramount Studios. They get stopped by a guard, and Rufus pretends to be poet Langston Hughes, on his way to a meeting with Barney Balaban, the studio's president. Their meeting with Balaban is interrupted by actress Hedy Lamarr. Balaban gets a call that someone has stolen "Citizen Kane," and the team suspects Rittenhouse or William Randolph Hearst. Actually, Lucas and his father stole it. Lucy explains that Hedy was also a brilliant scientist. Hedy gets them into Hearst's party, but asks Rufus to recite Langston's poetry. Hedy has figured out he isn't Langston. They convince Hedy that Orson Welles sent them to steal back the film. Hedy points out Lucas, and tells them about his latest film: "Jurassic Park." Balaban coerces Lucy and Wyatt to sing. Lucy goes up solo and sings "You Made Me Love You" to Wyatt. Lucas offers the film to Hearst in exchange for a weekly column in all his papers. While Hedy shows Rufus her inventions, Lucy and Wyatt talk, then kiss, and finally end together in bed. They track Lucas to the exchange with Hearst. A security guard interrupts, and Lucas shoots him while Hearst runs off. Rufus goes after the film, then Wyatt shoots a distracted Lucas. They drive to an Oakland prison, then plant an escape kit for Flynn to use in the future. So he breaks out with their help, and joins them in their bunker. Wyatt breaks out to meet his wife Jessica, who is still alive.

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Timeless Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Christopher: You need a doctor.
Jiya: I mean, what's the point? Unless you have someone who specializes in time travel-related illnesses.
Mason: She's got you there.

Roman charioteer: Giddy-up!
Director: Cut! Roman charioteers do not say 'Giddy-up' to their horses!
Charioteer: Right. Sorry. I just finished filming a Western.