A Suffragette is Framed for Murder - Timeless
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Rufus and Jiya argue over her premonition about his death. Lucy spent the night with Flynn, and Wyatt sees her leave the next morning. Wyatt warns Flynn to stay away from Lucy. Flynn tells him to talk to Lucy. Nicholas has fallen for Emma. The Mothership jumps to New York City in 1919. Lucy thinks Rittenhouse may want to kill President Woodrow Wilson to scuttle the Treaty of Versailles. Wyatt doesn't want Flynn on the mission. They hear a gunshot as soon as they get to Wilson's hotel. Sen. Wadsworth was killed, and suffragette Alice Paul got arrested. Wyatt and Lucy go to get Alice out of jail while Flynn and Rufus hunt for the sleeper agent. Lucy recruits investigator Grace Humiston, nicknamed "Mrs. Sherlock Holmes." Grace agrees to  help, even though she doesn't agree with Alice's views. Wyatt confronts Lucy about her night with Flynn. A cop catches Flynn and Rufus snooping in Alice's room, and he doesn't buy that they're Pinkerton detectives. Then Emma shoots him in the back. Emma offers to rat out the sleeper, because she wants to preserve women's right to vote. Grace gets the bellhop who identified Alice to admit she was never there. They find Alice dead in her cell. To Lucy's chagrin, the suffragettes vote to hold a silent vigil in memory of Alice. Emma explains how she and her mother escaped her abusive father, but how that wouldn't have been possible without women having the right to vote. Flynn gives her back her gun so she can kill the sleeper. After Lucy berates Grace, one of the suffragettes suggests she should give Alice's speech. The sleeper grabs Lucy, but her gun jams, then Emma kills her. Grace gives a speech. About the only Rittenhouse data Connor recovers is a photo of Jessica. 

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Timeless Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

You know [Lucy's] not your wife, right? That's the blonde lady just down the hall, unless history's changed again.

Flynn [to Wyatt]

JIya: My visions don't exactly come with a timestamp, Rufus.
Rufus: So no time, no date. Just stabbed by a guy with bad teeth and spurs on his boots. For all you know, it could be just a rough night in Reno.
Jiya: Will you please take this seriously?
Rufus: I do. From now on, no more cowboys or Kenny Chesney concerts.