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A prep-school English teacher, a Rittenhouse agent, was about to shoot 17-year-old John F. Kennedy when Flynn storms in, gun blazing. Lucy has been sidelined by her stabbing injury, running a fever. Wyatt and Rufus bring an unconscious John back to the present, leaving Flynn back in 1934. Lucy tells the confused teen that they had foiled a kidnapping attempt. While Lucy was making him a sandwich, John escapes through a duct into his future. Lucy and Jessica go with Wyatt to look for him. John runs to a convenience store, where he is overwhelmed by modern devices. He hitches a ride to Palo Alto. John starts having stomach pains. Carol suggests to Nicholas that John is likely to be found at a hospital, because of his health issues. Emma goes to search for him. Christopher gets abducted by Rittenhouse and taken to Carol. She wants Christopher to keep Lucy off the missions. John tells Kayla he has to get back to the bunker, so he can return to his time. Emma goes into John's room, but he's gone. Wyatt and Emma battle, until Lucy tries to help, and Emma soon has her at knife-point, then escapes. Wyatt gets busted by hospital security. Jessica figures out about Wyatt and Lucy, and tries to leave, but Lucy talks her into staying. Kayla has taken John to her house, so that her mother the psychiatrist can talk with him the next day. Kayla shows John that he becomes President. He also finds out about the Kennedy Curse, with so many of his family dying young. The trio gets to the party. John tries to escape Wyatt, but runs into Emma. Her aim gets jostled, and she runs off. John goes back and is assassinated, even earlier in time. Jessica gives Wyatt another chance. 

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Timeless Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Jiya: Flynn's pinch-hitting. I'm sure he and Wyatt have everything under control.
Lucy: Sure. What could go wrong?

Lem: Quite a ruckus in the dorm last night.
JFK: I'm not sure what you're talking about, Lem.
Lem: The fire alarm? C'mon. Five bucks says that was you sneaking out with a girl from Miss Porter's.
JFK: If it was, and I'm saying it's a vicious lie, there's not a soul that can prove it.