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Jessica is back from the dead, but is angry with Wyatt because he hasn't answered her texts for months. After being goaded by Emma, Nicholas tells Carolyn that Lucy must be eliminated. Jiya tells Rufus that her seizures are actually premonitions of his future. The Mothership goes back to the Salem Witch Trials in 1692. Lucy finally reaches Wyatt, and he tells her Jessica is alive. Lucy doesn't tell him about the mission, and instead tells him to work things out with Jessica. Rittenhouse is responsible for changing history so that Jessica is alive, to throw off the team by deleting Wyatt. After much debate, Flynn takes Wyatt's place on the mission. They meet Abby, who plans to speak out against hanging the accused witches. Jessica serves Wyatt with divorce papers. At John Hathorne's hearing about the witches, Abby finds out she is the ninth witch to be hung. Abby will be the mother of Benjamin Franklin. Rufus sees Sewall, the man Jiya saw him shoot in her vision. Lucy suspects Abby's sister Bathsheba turned her in as a witch. Wyatt is going to take Jessica to show her what he's been doing. At the tavern, a crowd surrounds the team. Flynn gets away after a brawl. Then Carolyn comes in and accuses Lucy of being a witch. Jessica meets Christopher and Connor at the bunker. Carolyn, who also accused Abby, begs Lucy to come back to the present and Rittenhouse, but she refuses. She slips Lucy a knife. Flynn goes back to Bathsheba's house to get their rifle. Abby is up first to be hung. Then Flynn and his rifle create chaos. Lucy gets slashed. Sewall gets run over by a wagon, not shot by Rufus. Carolyn gets pulled off the Lucy mission. Wyatt asks Jessica for one more chance.

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Timeless Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Jiya: I had a premonition you're going to do something bad.
Rufus: Bad like I forget your birthday or bad like I screw up the Louisiana Purchase?
Jiya: The second one.

Nicholas: Something must be done about Lucy.
Carolyn: Lucy is misguided.
Nicholas: She's a bad seed.