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And we’re back for one last mission. 
The Timeless two-hour series finale movie picked up right where we left off with our Time Team coming face-to-face with future Wyatt and Lucy. 
Future Lucy and Wyatt arrived from 2023 specifically to give Lucy her journal which holds the answers to bringing Rufus back from the dead.
Their interaction is brief as there assure Connor Mason there are still issues with traveling to your own timeline, however, they do stress that in their year, Rittenhouse is still a threat. 
If the current Time Team wants to stop the organization, their only chance is to save Rufus. 
Before future Wyatt and Lucy leave, they swap Lifeboats leaving the current squad with an advanced version that has auto-pilot, a feature Jiya is really proud she invented. 
Almost immediately, Lucy begins to digest the journal which reveals, among other things, that one of their missions involved the Titanic and that she and Flynn kissed. 
Wyatt is thrown off by the revelation, but there’s no time to worry about it as the Mothership jumped to California's Gold Rush in 1848. 
Despite Jiya's arguments that future Lucy and Wyatt insisted they save Rufus before beating Rittenhouse, Agent Christopher argues that the missions have always been to follow the Mothership. Plus, it's what Rufus would have done. 
When they arrive in California, they realize Emma and Jessica put up "Wanted" posters with their likeness.
However, it's stealing horses from the man who inspired the character Zorro that really gets them in trouble. 
They promise to take him to the gold in exchange for his horses and he agrees. 
At the campfire, Wyatt comes to the realization that the only way to get Rufus back is to take out Jessica, who lied about being pregnant with his child to manipulate him. 
He says he's going to be the one to remove her from the timeline because he feels guilty about bringing her into the bunker and feeding right into Rittenhouse's plan, however, when Lucy and Jiya vow to accompany him, Flynn questions who will save the world if they all die while saving Rufus. 
Later that night, Flynn sneaks away and takes the Lifeboat to February 11, 2012, also known as the night Jessica was "murdered."
Once he arrives, he immediately takes out the Rittenhouse agent set up to protect Jessica.
He stands by as Wyatt and Jessica have an explosive fight in the car, and when she gets out of the car on the side of the road, he attacks her.
Unfortunately, existing in his own timeline has side-effects which weaken him.
As the two tussle, Flynn eventually overpowers Jessica and shoots her a few times to make sure she’s really dead.
However, instead of returning to his team, Flynn writes Lucy a note before sending the Lifeboat back to 1848 where Lucy, Jiya and Wyatt were captured by cowboys based on their wanted posters.
Thankfully, when Flynn killed Jessica, the timelines swapped, and Rufus came to rescue them from the cowboys. 
The Time Team literally went on a mission to save Rufus, but instead, he was doing all the saving.
Though they were happy to see their friend, Lucy and Wyatt quickly realized it wasn't without consequences. 
As Lucy read the note which appeared in her journal, we saw images of Flynn returning home to get one last glimpse of his family as a happy unit before Rittenhouse murdered them.
When the Time Team finally made it back home, Agent Christopher delivered the solemn news that a John Doe that looked just like Flynn was found in the hills. 
Despite their tumultuous relationship, Wyatt put aside their differences to toast Flynn; a hero who made the ultimate sacrifice. 
Once Emma realized that Jessica had been eliminated, she hopped over to 1950s North Korea to put the next phase of her plan in motion: get rid of the Time Team.
The pilot she paid off with gold she stole from The Gold Rush obeyed her orders and attempted to kill Lucy and friends when they arrived in North Korea. 
Simultaneously, in the present, Christopher and Connor Mason found an article with pictures of Lucy, Wyatt, Jiya and Rufus, the four American who were killed in North Korea.
The Time Team survived the helicopter crash, however, they were far away from the Lifeboat and running out of time.
Since the Chinese communists were closing in on North Korea, they didn’t have much time before they’d be outnumbered and well, dead. 
After walking in the blistering cold, Rufus suggested fixing up an army van so that they could expedite their return trip. 
Lucy and Jiya waited in the nearby church as to not get frostbite when a woman overheard them speaking English and told them to be careful because there were spies everywhere. 
She also explained that her husband and son had left on a ship earlier that day while she stayed behind with the hopes of being reunited with them in a few days. 
In reality, Lucy and Jiya knew that the war would take around three-heyars and no one would return home. 
Sure enough, the spies were watching and came for Lucy and Jiya just as Rufus and Wyatt got the car to work. 
Lucy refused to leave behind the pregnant woman who helped them and convinced Wyatt they that they had to do their best to preserve history and save everyone.
Halfway to the port, the woman went into labor. Lucy and Rufus tried to get doctors, but with no time to spare, Wyatt's military training kept in and he delivered the beautiful baby girls amidst explosions being set off.
When they got to the port, the woman and her child were reunited with the rest of her family. 
As the Time Team attempted to make their way back to the Lifeboat, they realized they were too late and had to hide out in the church from being spotted by the Chinese troops.
Not knowing if they would survive and make it back to 2018, Rufus and Jiya talked about their disconnect -- no time had passed for him while she lived in 1800s Chinatown for three years. Could they make it work since they were no longer the same people when they met?
Meanwhile, Lucy acknowledged the fear she felt when she thought Wyatt died in the explosion and told him she loved him.
After all, the journal did say that she and Flynn had a romantic affair but her heart was always with Wyatt. 
Wyatt also admitted that he would have chosen Lucy instead of Jessica had he not felt like he owed his wife and needed to make it up to her. 
The two finally shared a kiss as a flash of light erupted outside of the church doors. 
Knowing that her team was quite possibly going to die, Agent Christopher broke out Lucy’s father, Ben Cahill, from prison so he could help her locate Rittenhouse's location. 
Once she had Emma in her graces, she forced her to fly to North Korea. 
Upon landing, Emma tried to make a break for it, but she was outnumbered.
In exchange for her life, she promised to help Lucy bring back her sister Amy, however, Lucy didn’t trust her and told the team to shoot her if she tried to escape again.
Before they even had a chance, the Chinese troops took Emma out as the rest of the team escaped in the Mothership.
Upon arrival back home, they all celebrated their victory against Rittenhouse. 
Lucy and Wyatt finally hooked up while Rufus asked Jiya to move in with him. 
And despite initially insisting that they get rid of all time traveling machines, Agent Christopher said they would hang on to the Lifeboat because a wise man once told her that if the technology exists, someone is bound to create a time machine and they’d need one to stop them. 
The series then jumped to 2023 where Lucy, the history professor, left class and met up with Wyatt and their young twins, Flynn and Amy. 
Meanwhile, Rufus and Jiya started RIA Industries as a way to give back and train gifted children just like Rufus.
However, that evening, they all came "home" to the bunker for a happy reunion and one last mission. 
They travel back to Sao Paola, Brazil in 2014 where they find a broken and distraught Flynn drunk at the bar. 
Lucy makes a bee-line for him, tells him he was right about Rittenhouse, hands him the journal with a play-by-play of how to stop the secret organization, and tells him he’s always been a hero, even if he doesn’t believe it.
She also informs him he’s going to make the biggest sacrifice and he’ll never get his family back. 
As the side-effects start kicking in, she returns back to 2023 happy to see that Flynn followed through on his mission.
We see a montage of the Time Team’s whole journey to end Rittenhouse beginning with Flynn stealing the Mothership from Mason Industries tracked to the fitting  "Time After Time."
In the final moments, we see a young girl, Paulina, the same girl that Rufus was impressed with at Ria Industries, sketch out renderings for her own time machine. 
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Timeless Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Jiya: Whoa, this thing has autopilot.
Wyatt: What? As in anyone could fly it?
Jiya: Apparently. You just plug in the date and location. I guess future me built a Delorean out of a Lifeboat. It's a joke Rufus would have made. I wish he could see this.

Agent Christopher: Listen, when the Mothership jumps we chase it. That's been protocol since day one. What is the point of getting Rufus back if we just let Rittenhouse decimate history?
Connor Mason: Are you joking?
Jiya: Future Lucy said we need Rufus to stop Rittenhouse.
Agent Christopher: Rufus trained you to pilot the Lifeboat for this very reason. The world needs saving. It's what Rufus would want. We need to find and stop their sleeper agent.