On the Run - Titans
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Gar runs into Rachel and the two decide to work together to survive in the world. 

With that, Gar took Rachel back to his home in which he lived with the Doom Patrol. 

He was saved by Niles, and lived in a house with other supernatural beings who were saved as a result of Niles' tenacity.

Rachel was found by Robotman and it caused problems, but Gar and Invisibleman voted to allow her to stay for dinner. 

Rita even joined them, but Niles showed up with a new patient and the heroes got to work in saving her. 

It was Rachel, however, who found a way to help the woman, piquing Niles' interest in her, so he carried out work on her. 

Gar stepped in to try and save her, but Niles knocked him out. As the darkness started to take over Rachel and open a pathway to hell, Dick appeared to save her before she was consumed by the darkness. 

Gar left the Doom Patrol and went along with Rachel, Kory, and Dick on to the next stage of their mission. 

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Titans Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Kory: She's getting more powerful.
Dick: Yeah, but she's still a kid. Alone, scared and on the run.

If you don't unbury whatever it is that's going on, you're going to explode. You got problems.