Lending a Hand - Titans
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Dick takes Rachel to Hawk and Dove's and tensions quickly change things up. 

Dick decides to leave his two former friends with money to look after Rachel, but she finds the money and lashes out. 

Hawk is upset that Dick and Dove share a past, and wants to do one last mission so that they can move on with their lives. 

However, the Nuclear Family show up intent on causing death and destruction. They send Dove flying off the building and Dick at the bottom trying to revive her. 

The Nuclear family also stopped by Alex's apartment with the aim of getting information on Rachel and Dick's whereabouts. 

In the process, Alex is slashed multiple times, and the scene cuts away leaving her fate up in the air. 

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Titans Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Dawn: Hey.
Hank: I’m sorry.
Dawn: Don’t be sorry.
Hank: It’s just the stress.

Hawk: You’re late, boy wonder.
Dove: You know he always likes to make a dramatic entrance.
Robin: True.
Hawk: I thought your boss said to stay away from us.
Robin: I didn’t tell him.
Hawk: So, what is this? A night out with the bad kids?