Two Robins - Titans
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Dick and Jason drag Adamson through the parking lot to make an escape from the building. 

They go to a safe house and Dick finds his clearance has been revoked by Bruce, so Jason helps him in the building. 

Dick tells the others to meet them there. After an awkward meeting, Dick and Jason go to try and save a face from Dick's past. 

Once there, it emerges that the man has been kidnapped because Dick didn't save his father several years before. 

Thanks to Jason, Dick manages to win the battle. 

However, Jason goes too far when the cops arrive and he kills all of them. Dick is not impressed and yells that the kid will wake up one day and hate himself for it. 

Adamson wakes up with Kory and says he is not speaking to anyone but Rachel, and Kory is left in an awkward situation. 

Dick makes his way back to the safe house and says that he's given up the Robin mantle for good. 

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Titans Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Gar: Wait, you're Robin too?
Rachel: I thought you were Robin?
Dick: I am.
Jason: Was.
Gar: How many Robins are there?

All those years Bruce was helping me? He was turning me into a weapon. His weapon.