The Truth About Kory - Titans
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Donna uses her Wonder Girl powers to prevent Kory from killing Rachel or Gar. 

Kory leaves the house, and Dick and Donna follow her behind. When they catch up with her, she's at a hangar and when she goes inside, her spaceship appears. 

Once on board, the trio learn that Kory's planet will be destroyed unless Rachel is neutralized and that her father is also part of the issue. 

Rachel's mother is also billed as a villain, making them turn back and head towards the house. Donna reads the book and realizes there's a chance they can save Rachel. 

At the house, Gar is sick, and Rachel worries that she's about to lose him as well, so she lashes out and tells him to leave. 

Angela is approached by an old friend who is now the sheriff and he asks her to go for a drink, she accepts, but says it won't be for a few days. 

He shows up as Gar is bleeding out, but she does not allow him to help. Instead, she stabs him. 

Rachel gets her father into this world to help save Gar's life, and the father says they need to break her heart to unleash her potential. 

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Titans Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Bad things happen to people around me.


Donna: I almost took you down with one hit.
Kory: I won't make that mistake again.