Bruce and Dick  - Titans
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Dick has visions of Bruce, who tells him that he needs to find a way to take down Deathstroke. 

He goes on a mission to find the villain. He finds his handler, and then gets a call to meet him. 

He goes to the house and there are pictures of the Titans in the tower. Dick rushes back to the tower with a gun, determined to find out what is going on. 

He then finds everyone attacking Jason because they think he's been the one messing with them. 

However, it later turns out that Deathstroke has been making visits into the place for answers. 

Jason struggles with PTSD, and Rose tries to sleep with him, but he tells her that he isn't in a good place. 

Rose flips out when she learns that Jason has her brother's record and wants answers. 

Jason says he'd rather worth with Deathstroke and makes his way to the top of the tower to commit suicide. 

Dick shows up and tells him that it's his fault and that he killed Deathstroke's son. 

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Titans Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Dick: Is he stable?
Dawn: For the moment. Whatever they shot him with left something behind. Some sort of toxin.
Dick: Maybe we should take him to a hospital.
Bruce: Genius. A nice, quiet place where they can finish him off.
Kory: The boy has special abilities.
Dawn: Yeah, I think he's safest here.
Dick: Okay.
Dawn: I think you should call Bruce. He catalogs these things. He might know who he is.
Bruce: Hello? Hey, Dick. Oh, sure. I can look the kid up. I just realized what your special skill is. The thing that makes you the natural leader in this group. You're the only one with my phone number.
Kory: Dick?
Dick: I'll call Bruce.

Dick: You all right?
Jason: All good.
Bruce: Of course he's alright. 15 stories of free-falling probably did him good.
Dick: It's past midnight, you should probably take it easy.
Jason: I don't wanna take it easy. I feel good.
Bruce: More people should drop their problem children off buildings. It clarifies the mind and body.