Conner in Trouble - Titans
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Conner woke up in Cadmus Lab with Krypto. 

The pair fought their way out of the building. 

Mercy Graves arrived to tell Eve Watson, who arrived after a night out to find out the news. 

Conner arrived at the Luthor farm and bonded with Lionel, but he learned quickly something was amiss. 

Then, the agents showed up, but Conner dispatched of them all with ease. 

He then caught up with Eve who begged him not to kill her. She told him the truth that he had DNA from both Clarke and Lex. 

They went on the run together. Eve told him that he needed to try to lay low. 

They went to a facility and found a bunch of failed experiments. Eve told Conner to run and Mercy arrived for her. 

Conner did run, and he found himself in San Francisco trying to save people. 

He ultimately saved Jason after he was pushed out of the building by Deathstroke. 

This also meant he exposed his powers. 

Mercy arrived and shot him before taking control of Krypto. 

Conner bled out as the credtis rolled. 

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Titans Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Walter: He's gone. Who the hell do you think did all this?
Eve: That's impossible. How could that happen?
Mercy: That's what you're supposed to tell us. Looks like someone got up on the wrong side of the glass tube. Mercy Graves. Personal Security Specialist to Mr. Luthor.
Walter: Yes, I've heard of you, Ms. Grave. I'm Walter Hawn, Vice President of Special Projects, and this is -
Mercy: I know who she is. Big night, I see. Chanel or Chardonnay?
Eve: What the hell are you doing here?
Mercy: You've got a real problem on your hands. Mr. Luthor wants answers. And he wants his experiment back.

Jason: Who the fuck are you?
Conner: I'm not super sure yet.
Jason: Whoever you are, I don't know how to thank you.
Conner: I'm just glad I could help.