Deathstroke Strikes - Titans
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Gar tells Dick the truth about Jason, and Dick, Donna, Hank, and Dawn make their way below the subway system to locate him. 

Jason bashes Dr. Light and Deathstroke, saying their plans are downright terrible. 

Dr. Light tries to overthrow Deathstroke, but the latter blows his brains out and puts Jason's tracker in the hole in his head. 

The older Titans find the body and Deathstroke calls, saying that if they bring Rose back, then Jason will live. 

Back at Titans Tower, the eldest Titans debate whether to take Rose back to Deathstroke. 

Rose overhears and tries to escape, but Rachel's powers overtake her, and things take a deadly turn when Rose is killed. 

However, Rose swiftly comes back from the dead and Rachel and Gar guard her at the tower. 

The others head out to save Jason's life. In a truly bizarre fight, Kory helps Dick as Jason holds on for dear life. 

In the end, Jason falls as Dick holds on to his arm, yelling "Don't let go," but he drops him, seemingly to his death. 


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Titans Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Hey, look, don't do this. We can talk, and like, have cookies and milk or something.


Hank: Look, I don't want to hurt you, kid.
Rose: Yeah, right.
[Rose hits Hank.]
Hank: Ow, that fucking hurt. Okay, fuck this.