In Prison - Titans
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Dick was in prison and asked to do a guard's bidding. 

He refused. He was put in a cell with three Mexicans who were in trouble with the rest of the prison. 

As their getaway loomed, Dick told them that they will get caught and shouldn't try anything. 

One of them was murdered and Dick said that he would do what he could to help. 

When the men were escaping, Dick arrived and attacked the guards, helping them make their getaway. 

Dick was knocked unconscious. 

Rachel went to a soup kitchen and tried to help a group of women who were being traficked. When she let the man go, her power went into a dragon statue and killed the man. 

Donna arrived on the scene to investigate and had to make a phone call to Dick. 

Krypto returned to Titans Tower to lead Gar to Conner. The group had a decision to make. 

When they got back to the tower, Cadmus lab showed up and took them both in. 

Mercy said that she wanted to bring the Titans in, but Gar refused to help her out. 

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Titans Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Santos: Yo, we got a problem?
Dick: Nope.

Santos: Hey. So, what's up? You keeping an eye on us?
Dick: Just minding my own business.
Santos: Yeah, so am I.
Officer: Hey, best buds already? It melts my heart.