Hank Returns - Titans
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The tension continues to mount as Dick realizes the grave was empty.

Hank is curious about what's going on, while the rest of the Titans agree that they might need to take him down.

Jason calls Hank and says he's being forced into doing everything.

Hank doesn't tell anyone and goes to meet him.

He is knocked out and returns home with a bomb attached to his heart.

The team scrambles to try to save him, with Superboy using science.

Dawn goes out to do a mission for Red Hood for gold bars, but Dick tries to cause problems.

She and Dick fight it out and Jason gives her the gun to kill him and he'll deactivate the bomb.

She tries to shoot Jason and finds out the detonator is in the gun.

Jason laughs and rushes off as the room blows up and Krypto walks out, all charred.

Hank has been blown to smithereens.

Superboy continues to try to learn more about what the device was and he was closing in on a way to save Hank's life before Dawn went rogue.

He might have been able to save him had Dawn not ruined all the action.

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Titans Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

That's how you see my father, isn't it? As a sacrifice? You dragged him into this insanity. Just like you did Dick and Jason.


Jason never evolved. He never grew past his own worst instincts. Don't let that happen to you. Keep learning. Keep growing.