Making a Plan - Titans
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Barbara and Dick are talking about going to a ball.

Barbara is complaining about the leak in her building above her desk.

She and Dick chat, but they are interrupted when Gar says a kid is at the manor saying he knows who Batman and Nightwing are.

Dick humors Tim, but Tim has a wealth of evidence.

Dick says he'll take him home.

Tim says he wants to be the next Robin.

Dick is knocked down after tracking Jason and winds up in the hospital.

Blackfire and Superboy are getting hot and heavy in the bedroom and the bed breaks, but there's an energy flowing in the room.

Kory appears and tries to kill her sister. Connor embarrassed speeds off.

Jason sets up a meet with Dick.

Dick goes and Jason says he wants to return to the family. Dick is apprehensive but says that they can work it out.

The Titans are not ready to let him back in and say they'll consider it, but Dick finds himself at an impasse.

Tim follows Jason there and Scarecrow shoots him.

The Titans go in and start fighting, but Starfire blows the place up and the Gotham water supply is infected.


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Titans Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

I don't even know the dude, but I'm bullish on second chances.


Tim: I guess you want to finish him alone, like Batman would have done.
Dick: I don't know where you get these ideas, Tim. I'm just a regular guy doing regular things. I'm actually on a special investigation for the GCPD.