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We take a trip to Themyscira.

Rachel is still trying to harness her abilities to bring Donna back.

Other people are skeptical of her decision to help, but she tries anyway. Time has passed and people are getting antsy over what is happening.

Donna is on a train in the afterlife, looking comfortable.

Tim arrives and says he's leaving. She goes after him. They are pursued by people who want to take them to Hades.

Hank arrives and helps them.

They go to a bar in the middle of nowhere and learn of a bridge that can take all three of them back to the land of the living.

They go to do battle with a wave of the bad guys and Donna gets her lasso and starts wiping them out.

Hank is trapped and can't escape the afterlife.

He meets his brother and they reunite in the best way possible.

Donna found the way out and returned to the land of the living to save Bruce's life. This caused many problems because he tried to kill himself.

Tim woke up in the hospital and was fully aware of the events of what happened to him.

What did it mean for the future? Time to ponder.


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Titans Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Donna: Let's do this.
[Hank has throwing stars].
Hank: Oh, really? Pretty sure I wasn't thinking about Grayson.

Sorry, asshole. Not going to happen.