Back Together - Titans
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Donna tries to return to town, but Lydia stops her and takes her through a brutal series of challenges.

This changes everything as she thinks she has the upper hand, but Donna proves she is half-human but full badass.

Donna is shocked to learn that the town is shut down and tries to get safe passage.

Soldiers say no to her, but she overpowers them and gets her wish.

Things take a turn in town when everyone starts acting out following the water being dosed.

The Titans set out to get some answers but they are met with drama at every turn when Crane makes it look like they are the villains.

A big shootout between GCPD and the Titans results in Barbara shooting Fletcher.

She is subsequently arrested.

Gar is infected with a dart and wakes up to find Rachel saying they need to go win the war.

Blackfire is shot and Starfire takes her to safety but Blackfire steals her sister's abilities, leading to a big bust-up.

Blackfire tells them they need to get somewhere safe but Starfire says she needs to save her friends.

We're left with Crane going into Wayne Manor and calling it Crane Manor.



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Titans Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Blackfire: We need to get somewhere safe.
Starfire: I'm going back to help.

You stole my powers. Was that your plan all along?