The Titans Assemble
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The Titans are in S.T.A.R. Labs trying to weigh up their next move.

Conner cuts his hair and becomes more like Lex Luthor. He plans to use Lex's power to block satellite signals from the sun. This, in turn causes a lot of problems for everyone.

Sebastian cycles through his memories as Mother Mayhem continues her reign of terror. She wants him to make the decision himself to become Brother Blood.

Jinx says she might be able to save Rachel's powers. Everyone rushes to the temple and a fight ensues.

Jinx stabs Mother Mayhem, but we learn it was an illusion and Jinx is stabbed in the temple. Is it really the end for her.

Rachel manages to get her powers back and they're stronger than ever.

Sebastian takes the blood and goes through the blood to become Brother Blood.

The rest of the Titans make their grand escape, but we don't see what happens next, leaving us with a big wait until we get some answers about what happens next.

Conner is struggling with his perception of his powers and no one understands what is really happening to him in tha moment. Is there more for him to fight back for?

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Titans Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Do you know what really happened that day? You were punished because you were stronger than her.

Mother Mayhem

You were very happy for a time... but then, your guardian made a mistake.

Mother Mayhem