Dick and Jinx - Titans
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The titans regroup following the attack. Rachel is struggling to come to terms with the change in her powers.

Dick tells her to rest.

Dick and Kory go to the prison to get Jinx out. Dick is worried because there's supernatural involved and with Rachel unsure how to proceed, he wants to find out more.

Jinx outsmarts them and escapes and Dick goes to the scene of her old crime and she turns Kory to stone.

They work together and she takes him to a car dealership/night club and the elf tries to attack him.

Dick realizes she's got a death mark and tells her that he will give her the money in exchange for saving the titans.

Mother Mayhem calls Sebastian posing as Dere and gets him into the office and Derek kills himself.

Sebastian is arrested and everyone else tries to work out what was happening.

Conner and Dick save Sebastian but not before Mother Mayhem says some incantations to him.

Kory has a vision of meeting her old confidante who tells her that she's to prepare for a big war to come.

Gar searches for meaning to everything that's happened to him and asks what to do about the world.

He finds a message that the world will run red very soon.

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Titans Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Kory: So are you gonna tell me why we're here?
Dick: Didn't wanna say anything back there, but what happened to Rachel scares me. We're dealing with the supernatural. That's just not something I know a lot about. Without Rachel, we're gonna need someone who knows this stuff, knows the players. There's a woman I knew back in Gotham. Her name's Jinx. She's a thief and a grifter.
Kory: And this is the person we're going to for help?
Dick: She travels in those circles.

Kory: So now what? We're chasing down a human tornado?
Dick: Jinx got nailed for trying to steal a high-value artifact from a dealer in Bludhaven.
Kory: Right, a thief. You said that.
Dick: As it turns out, there's an auction in Geneva next week. The dealer is transporting his entire inventory this weekend.
Kory: Returning to the scene of a crime. It's bold.
Dick: Well, if there's money to be made, that's where we're gonna find Jinx.