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A number of emotional issues come to head on Togetherness Season 1 Episode 4. Tina and Alex head to Houston, where they pack up Tina's belongings and spend some time with her family and friends, who immediately take a liking to Alex.

Feeling a particular affinity for him is Tina's girlfriend Pam. A night out on the town finds Alex and Pam hitting it off and having a great time. Tina, having had a little too much to drink, begins to feel the pangs of jealousy of his diverted attention. To make him jealous, she recruits a random bar patron to help her one-up Alex and Pam on the dance floor.

Her antics don't work, and Alex continues to enjoy his time with Pam, much to Tina's chagrin. 

Meanwhile, Brett and Michelle are enjoying a rare night alone. Brett has planned dinner and an overnight hotel stay, but the latter has Michelle panicked at the thought of having to sleep with her husband. She calls Tina for advice, and her sister is adamant that she should go through with it.

Brett picks up on her hesitation and says that they can watch a movie, and they seem to be enjoying each other's company until Michelle says that they should have sex. He begins to go through the motions or their typical sexual routine. Kissing, neck kissing, boob grab, the works. When he goes to "get the pillow" it is all the more apparent that Michelle is not enjoying herself. 

A lack of communication between the two leads to a confrontation where Michelle just wants her opinions heard, and Brett is exasperated over working to keep the family together, while his wife actively dreads having sex with him. 

Back in Houston, Alex is planning on going home with Pam, but Tina stops him and makes him take her home instead. Alex calls her out for purposefully ruining his chance to spend the night with Pam, but a drunk Tina doesn't really understand how she may be wrong. 

When she has a chance to sober up a bit, she realizes her error and apologizes to Alex for her actions. They share a hug and she thanks him for being her friend. 

In Los Angeles, Brett is also apologizing for his harsh words, but when asked if he meant them, he can't fully take them back. They agree to try counseling, and both are committed to saving their marriage, but as Michelle tosses and turns, it's uncertain what's to come. 


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That was the biggest c*ck block in the history of c*ck blocks.


She's a little too busy getting felt up by the Marlboro Man.