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Tina promised that she would whip Alex into shape, and on Togetherness Season 1 Episode 3, she keeps that promise. The aptly-titled episode "Insanity" opens with Alex and Tina doing jumping jacks to an Insanity Workout video in the Pierson living room. Alex cannot keep up with Tina's energy and ends up a shirtless crumpled pile on the floor.

They are interrupted by a delivery man bringing passes to Brett's premiere, which Brett is not particularly excited to attend. Brett and Michelle are more concerned with where they are going to send their daughter to kindergarten. They share a nice family moment; their differing opinions on public vs. private school a  current remaining under the surface. 

The foursome plans to take Brett's two tickets and head to the premiere as a group. Unfortunately, a canceled babysitter results in Michelle having to sit one out for the team. She lends her Spanx to Alex, who is trying to fit into a new pair of trendy pants Tina picked out. 

Once at the premiere, Tina pushes Alex to hit the red carpet. He ends up on the edge of the step and repeat, photo bombing a star's photo op with a creepy wide-eyed expression. But he did it, Tina encourages, and that is all that matters. 

Now inside, Alex has his heart set on talking to one of his favorite directors, Larry, and Tina is all about helping him in his mission. Unfortunately, Alex's nerves get the better of him and he can't seem to string an intelligible sentence together in Larry's presence. 

Brett is also trying to talk to a director, but it's not particularly a conversation he wants to have. To secure his career, he apologizes to his director, who proceeds to brush him off repeatedly and mock his efforts.

Meanwhile, Michelle's babysitter shows up unexpectedly, giving her the opportunity to make the premiere after all. The pull of a night off proves to great and she chooses to spend her free night on her own. She dresses up and hits the town, having a drink alone at a bar, bumming a cigarette from an underage smoker, and ultimately ending up at City Hall where she sits in on a meeting where David Garcia is speaking to the crowd about the benefits of starting a charter school.

She ends up catching a ride home with the caring community member, who she learns is also a divorce dad of two. There is clearly an attraction there. If it's not obvious in the car, it can most definitely be seen as she searches his name online. 

Back at the premiere, Larry approaches Alex and Tina, confronting Alex for his awkward behavior. Once out in the open, Alex's endearing personality hooks the director, and with a little assistance from Tina, they are invited into the VIP room. 

The experience makes Alex realize that he is falling for Tina, a sentiment that she may reciprocate but it remains unknown for the interim. Especially when she cozies up to the director and leaves the party with him instead of heading home with Brett and Alex.

Brett cheers up his friend with kind words and an impromptu, yet clearly choreographed, car dance to Rush's Tom Sawyer that is absolutely magical and a perfect representation of their longtime friendship. 


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Togetherness Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Brett: She's a crazy person.
Alex: She's a lunatic. But I think it's working.

I'm really impressed. It was pathetic, but you didn't quit.