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-Clea's homeless, schizophrenic mother is picked up for shoplifting but runs from the hospital saying she has to get back to her baby.

-Clea believes her mother may have kidnapped a young boy who is missing. Martin was just dropping off a bag at the boys house and believes there's a connection. The two decide to search for her mother and the boy.

-Clea was taken from her mother when she was eight but is able to find the building they used to live in. It is about to be torn down.

-At the airport, Lanie loses her seat to Will who is on stand-by. He gives her his business card with IOU written on the back. The plane crashes.

-Will survives and decides to save a historical building his company plans to demolish to build a high-rise.  When he holds off the demolition crew, Martin and Clea are able to get inside and find her mother. 

-Her mother took the boy but left him in the park. Martin finds the boy alive. Clea returns her mother to the hospital. Will dies from injuries he sustained in the crash.

-Lanie tells her partner, Serena that she isn't ready to start a family until she sees that her plane crashed and no one survived.  She changes her mind and the two look for a sperm donor.  She recognizes Will's face as one of the donors. She pulls out the business card he gave her that says IOU on the back and chooses him.

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Touch Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I had to work an extra shift dropping off bags last night. Yup, it was as fun as it sounds.


What beacon can we turn to to guide us from darkness to light?