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-Martin and Jake plan to meet Clea at Teller's office but get sidetracked when Jake finds a gun in an alley. The gun belongs to Elliott, a 13 year old boy trying to take care of his mute brother, Andre.

-Jake shares the spelling app on his pad with Andre who begins to use it.  Martin is disappointed because Jake hasn't used it but Elliott points out that maybe he needs to accept Jake the way he is.

-Elliot's probation officer has him stealing for him.  Martin helps set up a sting and has the officer arrested.

-In Brazil, Felipe sells his rare guitar to earn money to save Yarah's cafe because it is the last connection to her family.  When Yarah finds out she has two nephews who need her, Elliot and Andre, she and Felipe head to New York to take care of the boys.

-At Teller's office, his partner tells Clea and Martin he believes Jake is one of the 36 righteous persons on the planet sent to help repair the Universe.

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Touch Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Legal physical custody strikes fear in the heart of every social worker.


For some, music elevates the spirit to a place of transcendent beauty.