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-Abigail, Jake's aunt shows up and petitions for sole custody. She gives him a computer touch pad as a present.

-Teller gave Jake a key with the number 1188 on it before he died. Martin tries to track down what it unlocks as Jake continues to type out 1188 on his pad.

-Martin tracks Teller's movements prior to his death to a poker game where Logan won $200,000 using Teller's Amelia sequence. Logan is in love with Stacy, the dealer and the house thinks she let Logan win and makes her pay back the money.

-Logan convinces Martin to partner with him in a new poker game. They win the money to pay back Stacy using Teller's Amelia sequence and Logan tells Martin where to find Teller's research.

-Logan's friend Devon must ride his father's feisty horse Zeus in order to inherit his property.  After spending all day fighting the horse, he finally succeeds but gives the property to his father's best friend, Zeke.

-Natalie starts a video blog hoping to reunite Paolo with his lost love Celeste.  Many people become hooked on her blog as they believe in love.  Paolo and Celeste break up and Paolo falls for Natalie after watching her blog.

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Touch Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

It's called prayer, the collective request sent up in unison. A shared hope.


Numbers are constant until they're not.