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-Martin Bohm is called because his 10 year old son, Jake has climbed a cell phone tower for the third time. Each time he's tripped the alarm at 3:18pm.

-Social worker, Clea Hopkins orders Jake into a two week evaluation at a boarding facility.

-Jake likes to take apart old cell phones. Somehow all of his phones ring with a string of winning lottery numbers. Martin and Clea realize that Jake is trying to communicate with them through numbers.

-Another phone number sends Martin to Grand Central Station where he fights with Randy who's on the pay phone that Martin thinks he needs to answer at 3:18pm. He misses the call and Randy misses his train which allows him to help save a bus full of children after an accident.

-Randy is also the lottery winner and firefighter who tried to save Martin's wife from the collapsing North tower on 9/11 but had to leave her behind.

-Simon, a traveling restaurant equipment salesman loses his cell phone and it hopscotches around the world as people use it to take videos.

-Simon begs a customer service agent to help him track it since it has pictures of his daughter who died a year ago. 

-The phone is about to be used by a young man in Baghdad who is going to blow himself up to pay for an oven to save his family's bakery. The customer service agent convinces him to pull the battery from the phone as she knows that Simon can send him an oven.

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Touch Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm not going up there. I'm scared of heights.


These patterns never lie but only some of us can see how the pieces fit together.