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-In a South African village, Grace takes a computerized test for job placement in the city. Her test ID number is 3287. She tries to convince her friend Sauda to do it too but Sauda's boyfriend, Fumbe threatens her.

-When Fumbe beats on Sauda, Grace summons the rest of the women to stand up to him. He leaves Sauda and she later takes the job placement test too.

-The young boys in the village participate in a global online dance contest and beat the reigning favorite, the Beastmaster. A heartbroken girl who found the video phone left behind by two Japanese girls, uses the videos to cheer up Beastmaster.

-Jake mysteriously calls Martin from the board-and-care facility. Martin rushes to him and finds Jake writing 3287. Later Martin runs into a homeless man, Walt who mutters the same numbers. 

-Walt had proof that a corporation defrauded investors. He gave it to his father before the man died but Walt is like Jake in the way he follows numbers.  He calls the proof the magic sword. 

-With the help of Walt's brother and a bed time story their father used to tell them, Martin finds the proof in the father's safe, combination 3287 and brings it to a reporter who used to be his intern. 

-Arthur Teller takes a tour of Jake's board and care facility. He knows Sheri, the director who wonders why he'd want another patient after what happened to his last one.

-Jake is obsessed with room #6 which is supposedly empty but when he rolls his toy car under the door, it later mysteriously rolls out.

-Clea's mother is missing. She's schizophrenic and Clea thinks she's living on the streets.


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Touch Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

What if you were the one who knew what needed to be done but you had no words.


If a species want to survive, it has to prove it deserves to.