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In flashback, we see a young Ali having a conversation with her dad that deals with their belief in God and getting her Bat Mitzvah canceled. 

Ali is exploring her feminine side as she gets ready to spend sometime with the TA from her gender studies class. 

Sarah goes with Josh to get a marijuana prescription for her anxiety.

Sarah gets high as her and Josh talk about attending Maura's talent show. 

Josh and Raquel are spending time together and go on a first date.

Ali's time with her TA takes an interesting turn. 

All three siblings show up to the Trans Got Talent show. Ali brings her TA and Sarah and Josh get high before the show. 

Sarah and Josh get high before the show in order to calm their nerves. 

Maura and Davina preform their duet at the talent show. Al three children get up during the show for various reasons and when Mara looks for her children in their seats she notices that all of them are missing. 

Josh finds out that Tammy has been altering the house. Josh goes over to the house to see what she has changed and ends up smoking pot with Bianca.

Maura is upset that her family did not stay to watch the whole show. 

Tammy and Sarah come home to find Bianca and Josh high and swimming in the pool.

Josh forgets to meet Raquel back at his house for dinner. 

Maura seeks out Shelley for support. 

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Transparent Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Josh: The dude had no talent whatsoever. What talent did he acquire now that he is a chick.
Sarah: How many fucking little league games has he gone to for you. How many hours of his life did he waste on you?
Josh: That's his job as a father.

Maybe if our little heathen in there had had her little revelation a few months ago.